How to Use GPS Trackit Fleet Management Software to Improve Driver Safety

Vehicle tracking is not only useful for monitoring mobile fleet assets, but it is also a valuable tool for keeping an eye on driver behavior.

Drivers are the face of any business that utilizes vehicles for operations or sales. Drivers are also responsible for valuable assets and for everyday expenses like fuel and labor costs. Using a vehicle tracking system to prevent bad driving habits and promote good ones can have an impact on the bottom line and help improve a company’s public image.

Knowing where vehicles are and what they are doing provides insights into how drivers behave in the field, even when fleet managers and dispatchers can’t be there to look over their shoulders.

Improving driver accountability can have several benefits for a business, including:

  • Protecting a company’s reputation;
  • Reducing fuel consumption;
  • Cutting wasted labor.

Fortunately, GPS Trackit vehicle tracking systems make it easy to prevent and modify bad driving habits.

Five Bad Driver Habits to Break with GPS Vehicle Tracking

  1. Speeding – Driving too fast is unsafe and can give any company a bad reputation, especially when branded vehicles are involved.
    GPS Trackit Solution: Set up e-mail or text alerts to monitor when drivers go over a certain speed limit.
  2. Idling – Excessive engine idling wastes expensive fuel and offers no general benefit.
    GPS Trackit Solution: Run idling reports to see which drivers need to be reminded to shut the ignition off while parked.
  3. Seat belt use – Another important safety issue is seat belt usage.
    GPS Trackit Solution: Monitor seat belt use to track who is following company policy, and who is not.
  4. Personal use of vehicle – Company vehicles should be used only for business purposes, both to protect companies from liability and to cut down on unnecessary expenses.
    GPS Trackit Solution: Features such as route comparison and geofences can let managers and dispatchers know when drivers stray from planned routes.
  5. Hard braking and accelerationAggressive driving is bad for a company’s reputation and potentially dangerous.
    GPS Trackit Solution: Create alerts or run reports to see which drivers have the habits of speeding up too quickly or braking at the last minute. Preventing these bad habits will also help lengthen the life of fleet vehicles.

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