Here at GPS Trackit we get Inquiries from People in all Walks of Life Looking to Track Practically Everything from the Usual to the Unusual.

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Though GPS Trackit focuses exclusively on fleet vehicle, asset and equipment tracking, through the advancement of technology, GPS tracking is now very accessible to almost anyone, with a very wide range of purposes.

GPS tracking devices are a good way to keep track of just about anything, from protecting your car, to looking out for an elderly person with dementia, to preventing loss or theft of valuable artwork and pets.

Most smartphones now have GPS tracking installed. So what happens if you forget or lose your phone, or think it’s been stolen, Mmmm? The answer depends on the brand of phone. Owners can set up accounts at Apple, Samsung or Blackberry, for example, and request loss or theft GPS tracking, usually free of charge. When a phone goes missing, the owner can login and request a GPS trace. If the phone appears to have been stolen, the trace will aid police, helping them locate and retrieve the stolen property, and often the perpetrator.

Fifteen Additional Uses of GPS Tracking from the Expected to the Unexpected, including a Reality Show with Cats! (Are you Surprised?)

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1. Child Amber Alert – Know Where Your Child is Anytime Anywhere
Amber Alert GPS has developed a child safety device. It’s small, easy to conceal, and reports a location every 5 minutes to any smartphone, laptop or computer. Parents always know exactly where their child is at any time. It is also equipped with an SOS button for immediate help.

2. Family Tracker Apps – Keep the Family Together in Crowds and Busy Places
Designed to help families and people keep track of each others’ location in real time, FamilyTracker can be good to have at an amusement park, ski area, sporting event or concert.

3. Hiking/Camping/Athlete Tracking – Search and Rescue Made Easier
When venturing on a long bike ride, run, hike into the woods or mountain climbing, a GPS tracking device is a valuable, potentially life saving piece of equipment.

4. Pets – Know Your Pets Location and Activity Level Anytime
Pet collar mounted GPS devices are matched with a smartphone app tracking service to help locate missing pets. Another pet tracking solution is microchipping. It’s a device (about the size of a grain of rice) that can be easily and safely injected under a pet’s skin by a veterinarian. Pet microchip FAQS.

5. Schools Use GPS to Reduce Truancy and Helping Teenagers Take Responsibility
In Anaheim, California there is a GPS pilot program in use that is reducing truancy up to 95%.

It is a voluntary program for students who are truant four or more times. Students and their parents are very willing to participate in the program because of the $2,000 fine and a potential stay in juvenile hall should the school chose to prosecute the student.

Watch how this program has helped over 800 students in Austin, Texas not only with truancy, but with becoming responsible and mature teenagers in other life areas as well.

6. Prevention of Car Theft
By installing a tracking device on vehicles, the location of a car can always be known. Thus, with the proper warning labels, a car can even be prevented from being stolen.

7. Law Enforcement Agencies and Private Detectives Controversial Benefits of Using GPS Personal Tracking
These agencies can benefit greatly by GPS tracking devices during investigations and while gathering solid evidence. Currently privacy issues are being raised by the media. Stay tuned for developing news.

gps tracking8. Women Concerned with Safety and Security
A GPS tracking device in a woman’s purse or concealed elsewhere could be a lifesaver, literally.

9. Shoes with GPS Tracking for the Elderly
This is a good way for adults concerned about their elderly parents to keep track of them.

10. Special Needs Children and Adults Stay Safer with Personal GPS Tracking
Similar to the elderly a disabled person using tracking services can be quickly helped in case of an emergency.

11. Earthquake Monitoring with GPS Real Time Data Can Save Lives
The U.S. Geological Survey uses GPS data to give real time tracking of tectonic (strong and widespread impact) activity. GPS is also used with additional sensors on site and long observations periods to track things like continental drift, the sliding of tectonic plates, and earthquakes and upheavals that may foretell a volcanic eruption.

12. Protect and Recover Precious Fine Art
As artwork can be irreplaceable, it is a prime target for thieves. With a GPS device owners can quickly learn the location of the stolen piece and recover it.

13. Taxis Get a Helping Hand with GPS Tracking
Especially in large metropolitan cities, GPS tracking devices can be used to send text messages to cab drivers in emergencies and help them find passenger destinations.

gps tracking14. Reality Show: GPS Tracking to Reveal the Secret Life of Cats
Whether you are a cat owner or not, have you ever wondered what cats do when they venture out?

You now have your answer!… A BBC production is now revealing exactly what goes on when humans aren’t around…

50 cats were outfitted with collars having high-sensitivity GPS devices and miniature “cat cams” that recorded their every move. One cat actually went to a neighbor and stole food during the wee hours of the morning. A real “cat burglar”, if you will!

Watch the video “The Secret Life of Cats” to find out how cats really live and perceive us as humans.

15. Company Fleet Vehicle Tracking Increases Profits and Efficiency
Using GPS devices for fleet tracking lets companies manage their vehicles much more effectively and efficiently. As well as protecting equipment and assets, Fleet GPS vehicle tracking helps reduce wasted time, get better fuel consumption, increase customer satisfaction, and boost bottom line profits, to name just a few benefits.

At GPS Trackit, we build custom GPS Vehicle Tracking systems to enable businesses and government services to better manage auto and truck fleets, equipment and assets.

As we wish we could help everybody, we are focused on our core mission of helping businesses to:

  • Increase fleet efficiency;
  • Protect equipment and assets;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Improve customer service and much more.

As you can see there is a GPS tracking solution for just about every purpose. If you use common courtesy for others privacy and rights, GPS tracking solutions can enhance security, keep family and friends together and help keep track of possessions, even possibly save a life.