Keeping Safe When Working with Wind Power[companyInfo]

Keeping Safe When Working with Wind Power

Working on wind projects is a high-risk job. As the industry grows, it employs more people and moves further from population centers, risks grow, too. How do major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) approach safety standards and procedures in order to minimize these risks? According to Claus Rose, chairman of the Global Wind Organization (GWO) and environment, health and safety (EHS) officer for Siemens’ Wind Power Division, safety procedures are now becoming an integral part of OEMs’ commercial strategies and are….

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California Outlines ‘Roadmap’ for Electric Vehicle IntegrationCalifornia Outlines ‘Roadmap’ for Electric Vehicle Integration

Governor envisions growing relationship between electric cars and power grid. The California ISO (Cal ISO) has outlined a ‘roadmap’ designed to encourage coordination between electric vehicles (EVs) and the grid-at-large. The 44-page ISO report “Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) Roadmap: Enabling vehicle-based grid services” was published Dec. 27. The document, made with the help of various California energy agencies, is meant to support Gov. Jerry Brown’s target of seeing 1.5 million “zero-emission vehicles” (ZEVs) on California roads by….

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Deadline Approaching for CDL Self-Certification and Med-Card RequirementsDeadline Approaching for CDL Self-Certification and Med-Card Requirements

Drivers who miss the Jan. 30th deadline will be deemed ‘not certified.’ Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders now have less than 30 days to contact their state licensing agencies to let them know what kind of driver they are and, if necessary, submit a copy of their medical card. Under federal rules adopted in 2008, state licensing agencies are required to obtain information by January 30, 2014, from all CDL holders on the type of driving they perform (interstate or intrastate) as well as the status of their medical examiner’s certificate. For most CDL drivers, their medical qualification status will then appear on their driving record so enforcement officers and motor carriers can verify that they are ….

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