Blog - Why You’re onto Something Good with Fleet TrackingGlobal positioning systems (GPS) play an important role in performing state-of-the-art, accurate and indispensable fleet tracking for businesses from taxi companies to trucking companies. So if you are having difficulty keeping track of your fleet or you’re looking for a valuable way to do so, you may want to look into the possibility of integrating one of these systems.

Fleet tracking is a vehicle tracking system that uses automated GPS vehicle location equipment in vehicles with software that sends location information to a computer via software program. When several vehicles and the information they carry is transferred to one computer or one system of computers, it creates a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

There are several advantages of GPS tracking to you as the owner of a certain transportation business, and they include:

Time-Saving Automation
The time your vehicles are on the road is an equivalent of a certain amount of money to your business. Salary paid to the driver will be mostly dependent of how fast he delivers a certain cargo because if it is previously in your yard, then you will have to pay for the time it stays there. The time taken by the loading crew will determine what you will have to pay in terms of time the cargo took before being loaded into trucks. If you are able to monitor these activities, based on the results, you will be able to make any adjustments necessary in order to improve on efficiency.

Your company’s reputation is on the line
Reputation is among the major factors which influence the number of clients who hire your company and the number of clients who stick with your company. More clients mean more revenue, and these clients want fast and accurate service. GPS fleet tracking will allow you to see in real-time how long routes take to complete, what may be causing any delays in arrival times, and even if there are any quicker routes available for trips.

Improvement in efficiency
More business means more money, so if you want to get more time, you have to really work on your efficiency right from loading of the cargo to goods delivery to the customers, and the more efficient you are, the more successful your business will be. Companies who move from having no tracking system to installing one often wonder how they ever got by without it!