What is Field Service Management Software?

Managing a mobile workforce? Having the right tools in place is mission-critical. Learn how to streamline the process with field service management software.

When managing a business with a mobile workforce, having the proper tools to help you manage the entire process is essential. Whether you handle plumbing service requests, fulfill deliveries or manage a fleet, you should be employing the best FSM software to support your team. Field Service Management (FSM) technology has become a crucial element for businesses looking to reduce the risks involved with delays, errors and miscommunication in managing personnel, equipment and services for mobile teams. While many companies still log, monitor and keep track of route information by hand, smart companies are using FSM to keep the lines of communication open and obtain detailed reports from their workers.

A key part of your responsibilities as manager or owner includes being able to get detailed data, even while your workers are en route. Field Service Management technology is the industry standard for service fleets. Handling the various variables that exist in field service operations becomes much easier when you’re employing FSM software to support you. With all of the unpredictability and change that occurs on a daily basis, you need sophisticated software that keeps you informed and prepared. Using FSM technology can help you:

  • Improve first-time fix rates
  • Streamline field service processes
  • Cut costs and increase revenue
  • Improve work order lifecycle management

As you probably already know, the most important component of your business is your customer. FSM technology provides end-to-end support to help you manage the fulfillment of your customer’s needs. The software has completely transformed the traditional way that scheduling, billing, invoicing and dispatching is done in the field service management industry.

What is Field Service Management Technology?

FSM is essentially any software designed to manage the operations of companies that provide services at off-site locations, like mobile nurses, cable technicians, inspectors and HVAC workers. Before FSM, it took field service managers a significant amount of time and effort to connect with and collect data from their employees. The traditional process was rife with errors and a serious lack of precision. Software developers saw an opportunity to create a solution that helps managers with mobile teams do so without sacrificing productivity or performance.

Over the past decade, the advancement of cloud-based storage has helped to make FSM technology more reliable, accessible and more affordable. FSM technology has also grown to be easily accessible via mobile devices. This makes it easier to collect data while field service technicians are on the job. Today, FSM makes it possible for field service technicians to update tickets and respond to changes quickly and efficiently.

The best FSM software integrates industry-savvy features and an easy-to-access dashboard as well as automated database management. As demand grows in the fleet management industry, you want to be prepared for growth with reliable tools to support your operations. FSM software has the capability to track driver efficiency as well as ensure customer satisfaction. Quality FSM software should include:

  • Inventory management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Cloud-based data management


The Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management technology helps to improve business for mobile teams in a variety of ways. The operational benefits have been outlined here, however, using FSM technology can significantly impact your bottom line in more ways than just how you handle business daily. Managers of mobile teams using FSM technology have seen:

  • Reductions in paper use and printing costs
  • Fuel & energy waste reduction
  • Decreased shipping and packaging costs

Your team should be reaping the benefits of using FSM software. FSM can be beneficial for field service providers of any size. The mobile-friendly nature of the software makes it easy and convenient for operators to input data wherever they are located in the field.

Delivering End-to-End Route Performance Tracking

GPS Trackit provides Field Service Management technology built to keep you in touch consistently with your mobile workforce. The software includes a variety of integrated features, including:

Driver Communication Portal. FSM Driver allows you to connect with drivers in real-time while they’re in the field with ease. The portal enables you to communicate route updates, changes, delays, job site related updates and other important information.

Real-Time 2-Way Messaging. Keep in constant contact with your field service providers and connect instantly with the instant messaging feature. This is a reliable point of communication between drivers dispatchers and managers with real-time message transmission. Drivers are able to receive notifications for missed messages and updates for additional stops via this system.

Route Planning & Tracking. These tools allow route information to be added into the system and drivers are able to view their daily routes, update route status and find directions. This allows managers to have constant updates on routes and includes the ability to create and send work notes.

Form Creation & Data Collection. Using paper forms to collect data and signatures becomes history when using this feature. Create custom forms that allow workers to submit data electronically. Use convenient preset data fields that store data to be accessed by managers and dispatchers with ease.

Are you interested in learning more about how FSM can take your operations to the next level? Take a look at how GPS Trackit can help you manage your service fleets, or get in touch with one of our expert Fleet Advisors to discuss how our Field Service Management software can help you do business better.