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Tire Expenses: Manage to Minimize

Effective management of tire costs is more important now than ever and will continue to grow in importance, but if you are not able to accurately measure what your fleet spends on tires, there is no way you will be able to manage those expenses. Unfortunately, many fleets have not initiated a comprehensive tire management program, nor do they accurately know the expense they incur for tires.

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The Easy Way To Check Your Tires: Are You Making Abraham Lincoln’s Head Disappear?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and received the nickname “Honest Abe,” thanks to his steadfast understanding of right and wrong. More than two centuries after his birth, Lincoln is still giving honest assessments, only now he helps in judging roadworthiness.

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Operation Safety Driver inspection blitz starts Sunday, runs all next week

“The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual enforcement blitz, Operation Safe Driver, will mobilize across North America Oct. 20-26.  This year’s effort will be similar to last year’s event, when law enforcement officials stopped more than 40,000 drivers at 1,245 locations in the United States and Canada. Law enforcement will target unsafe driving by truckers and four-wheelers, but especially distracted driving.

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