One of the main reasons business owners and fleet managers adopt GPS vehicle tracking systems is to save money and boost profits, but another valuable benefit is keeping employees safe in the field. Driver safety features like acceleration, braking, and seat belt alerts can help monitor driver behavior and lower the incidence of accidents on the road. But what about the accidents that happen when the driver is not in the vehicle? Now there is a solution: the instant alert button.

For industries that use heavy equipment, employees often serve several functions. They might be drivers, heavy equipment operators, and field laborers, all in the same day. When these employees are in the field, they are often in remote locations and not always with a large crew. Not every vehicle tracking system offers a solution for these types of scenarios, so a GPS provider that offers an instant alert button may be just what you need.

GPS Vehicle Tracking with Instant Alerts

An instant alert button is a small device that employees keep on their person, not just in the vehicle. When used in conjunction with satellite tracking systems, the instant alert button can be used to communicate with fleet managers from the field. If an accident happens or an employee gets injured, the instant alert will notify fleet managers or dispatchers who can immediately locate them and send assistance.

The types of industries that can benefit from this new GPS vehicle tracking feature include:

  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Mining
  • Construction

The device will work in remote locations even when cellular reception is limited, and allows employees to travel up to 500 feet away from the tracking unit in the vehicle. Your staff will feel safer in the field and you’ll be able to offer them more protection.

In addition to instant alerts, GPS vehicle tracking systems can also be used to monitor power take-off (PTO) events. From anywhere in the world, fleet managers can know when a boom is being raised or lowered, when a concrete truck is loading, or whether a dump truck has been refilled.

GPS Trackit is committed to helping you keep your fleet safe with new GPS vehicle tracking system features like the instant alert button. To learn more about how GPS tracking improves driver safety and protects your valuable assets, Speak with a Fleet Advisor to schedule a consultation today.

Would you have better peace of mind if your employees could send an instant alert from the field?