Fleet Tracking SystemsFleet tracking systems are great for keeping an eye on drivers with real-time mapping or managing your budget based on actual driver data. They can also be useful when there are areas where you want your drivers not to go.

It’s not possible to constantly monitor driver locations, even if you do have a team of dispatchers. Fortunately, most fleet tracking systems come with the ability to create alerts based on landmarks or geofences. This means that you can select specific locations or create boundaries around particular areas that you want drivers to avoid.

Using Fleet Tracking Systems to Create Alerts

Some of the reasons you might want to use fleet GPS to create alerts for forbidden areas include:

  • Sales territories – If you have a sales force with designated territories, avoid conflicts or settle disputes by creating geofences around each territory.
  • State lines – In some cases, you may want to avoid driving in certain states to avoid higher taxes or more complicated reporting. If you do operate in multiple states, you can also use fleet tracking systems in conjunction with ProMiles to report state mileage.
  • Congestion – Are there certain routes or roads that always have slow traffic or a lot of stops? Encourage your drivers to stay away from these inefficient routes by creating alerts around avoidable traffic congestion.
  • Undesirable neighborhoods – Protect your drivers and your assets by avoiding high-crime areas or other places where you may have had trouble in the past.
  • Unwanted detours – Do your drivers have a favorite personal stop that they like to frequent during the work day? Put a stop to wasted labor and potentially unsafe behavior by creating an alert that lets you know when they arrive at certain landmarks.

Of course, you can also create alerts for the landmarks and geofences where you do want drivers to be. For example, you might make each customer site a landmark so you get notified when a driver arrives or leaves. You can also set a geofence around your own facilities so you can prepare for drivers that are approaching.

If you want to learn more about fleet tracking systems and how they can help you gain more control of your business, contact GPSTrackIt today. We’ll help you select and implement the GPS system that’s right for your company. We also provide ongoing support, so any time you want to introduce a new feature, we’ll be there to help. Request a quote today to get started.

How would you use the alerts feature of your fleet tracking system?

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