Due to nature of their work, over-the-road truckers are often prevented from spending the holiday season with their family and friends.  The feelings of isolation this may inspire can make it tough for some truck drivers to stay positive during the holiday season. This can lead to low employee morale and ultimately affect the productivity and efficiency of a business.

Since employee morale has a direct impact on the success of a company, owners and fleet managers must keep a close eye. As a fleet manager, you can enlist creative ways to help your drivers celebrate the holidays and give them a morale boost. Check out these simple tactics for helping truck drivers celebrate the holidays while they are on the job.

Use Tech to Keep in Touch

Apps like Skype and Facetime have changed the way we communicate with our friends and families. It is likely that you already use these apps to keep in touch with your loved ones. So, how about sharing this idea with the truckers in your fleet?

During the holiday season, these technologies can prove even more useful. Long-haul truck drivers can use Skype to join their families for a Christmas carol sing-along or catch up with everyone during dinner. Some churches offer live streaming services during the holiday season, so those who aren’t home can virtually attend these services.

Order Gifts Online

In the past, holiday shopping used to be a nightmare for long-haul drivers as they had no other choice but to buy from truck stops or didn’t have enough time to shop at the mall. Nowadays, fortunately, truck drivers can use online shopping websites to simplify their holiday shopping. So, the truckers can get their shopping lists together and start shopping on the go during breaks and while off duty. One can also use mobile devices to orders gifts and have those delivered to their family and friends…all from the comfort of a sleeper. This is a great way for long-haul truckers to surprise their loved ones and enjoy the holiday season, even if they can’t be home. As a fleet manager, you can encourage the truckers in your fleet to take advantage of online resources for their holiday shopping.

Connect with Other Truckers

If your truck drivers find themselves away from their loved ones this holiday season, tell them not to worry, they aren’t alone. This is a great opportunity to find others in the same situation and make new friends. Tell your fleet drivers to seek out other truckers who are away from their families and consider celebrating the holidays with them. Truck drivers can get together at a truck stop, share a meal, and be merry. This way, though they may be away from their loved ones, the holiday may not feel as lonely.

Have a Healthy Holiday

Being away from home during the holiday season can cause feelings of stress and loneliness, taking a toll on both body and mind. This is why it’s important for truckers to focus on their health during the holidays. Remind the truck drivers in your fleet to avoid consuming unhealthy foods at truck stops and to not forget to perform regular exercises to relieve stress. Over-the-road truckers should also try to sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. Not being able to enjoy the celebrations with their families is undoubtedly stressful for truck drivers. Give them suggestions for how to defuse these stressful situations by finding some moments of holiday joy while they are on the job. In addition to healthy eating and exercise, drivers can also meditate or do something creative when on break such as journaling, painting, or taking photos

Deck the Hauls

If possible, you can take the initiative to decorate all the trucks in your fleet with lights and other small decorative elements. This will help your fleet’s truck drivers adopt a festive mood while on the road. Fleet managers can also advise drivers to add holiday-themed family pictures (or just some of their favorite images) to keep them inspired during the drives. Encourage your drivers to boost their holiday spirit by listening to festive music while driving, keeping in touch with friends and family, and finding ways to share the spirit of the season with fellow drivers.

Don’t forget to remind the truckers that the work they do each day ensures others can have the goods they need and want. Very few people can say the same about their own careers. It’s important for truck drivers to remember that they are contributing to the happiness of many, many others during the holiday season. Keeping this in mind will help your fleet’s truck drivers to stay positive while on the job. So, be generous and give them the praise they deserve for their hard-work. Although staying away from home during the holidays can be very challenging, simple gestures of appreciation by owners and fleet managers can go a long way in boosting the morale of the truck drivers.