Fleet GPS Aggressive DrivingYour outside sales team represents your business, both to existing clients and to prospective ones. As the face of your company, you want to be sure that your team is on their best behavior at all times, even when driving from one sales appointment to the next. Fleet GPS tracking can help you ensure that your salespeople in the field drive courteously and safely.

Three Reasons to Use Fleet GPS Stop Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is not only dangerous, it can also be damaging to your business. Consider these three reasons to stop aggressive driving before it starts:

  1. Protect your reputation – If your sales team drives branded cars, aggressive driving will reflect poorly on your business, whether the driver is on the clock or not.
  2. Protect your assets – If you provide vehicles to your sales team, keep them in top condition by preventing behavior that will cause unnecessary wear and tear.
  3. Keep insurance costs low – Accidents and other aggressive driving incidents will increase your liability and cause insurance premiums to go up. Adding fleet GPS can actually help you save on insurance costs if your provider offers discounts for installing a tracking system.


Three Fleet GPS Features that Prevent Aggressive Driving

Fortunately, a GPS tracking system can help you prevent bad driver behavior so you can save money and protect your company’s reputation. Use the following three GPS tracking features to prevent aggressive driving:

  1. Hard acceleration alerts – Consistently speeding up too quickly is a sign of impatience and aggressive driving. Fleet GPS uses accelerometer technology to generate an alert when the driver’s speed increases too much over a certain distance. You can also run reports on hard acceleration to identify this behavior across your fleet.
  2. Hard braking alertsHard braking indicates that the driver was either going too fast or following another vehicle too closely. It might also be an indicator that an accident was avoided. The same accelerometer technology is used to create alerts or reports on hard braking.
  3. Speeding alerts – Consistently driving over the speed limit is unsafe, bad for gas mileage, and has the potential to increase insurance premiums when drivers receive citations. When salespeople in the field know that their speed is being monitored, they are more likely to ease up on the gas pedal.


GPS Trackit is here to help with mobile workforce management, making your sales team more accountable on the road with fleet GPS solutions for companies of all sizes. If you’re ready to reap the many benefits of GPS tracking for outside sales teams, contact us today.

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