Managing mobile employees can be difficult. There is little-to-no face time with your fleet drivers, which can lead to incorrect verbal cues, lost nuance, and poor employee visibility. As a manager of a fleet, you are unable to be physically present where most of your workers are, which can take a toll on communication.

Luckily, modern technology has become the saving grace of any fleet manager with a dynamic workforce. There is a multitude of possibilities for tracking employee drivers, as there are a plethora of ways to remain in constant contact with your workforce. Have a look into some of the ways through which fleet managers can communicate and manage remote drivers.


Cell Phones and Apps

Cell phones with hands-free talking, a headset monitor, or even a CB radio can put a manager and employee in contact whenever they need an open line of communication. Countless apps are available to turn ordinary smartphones into advanced communication devices. Skype can work wonders, WhatsApp is a breeze, and even Voice Over IP can work if a WiFi signal is present.


GPS Fleet Management System

GPS fleet tracking software can allow a fleet manager to monitor employee activities, from time spent in idle to jobs completed. In the time before the technology boom, this was nearly impossible to do accurately without being on the road with your drivers. A GPS Fleet Tracking Software and Solutions company, such as GPS Trackit, allows easy tracking of vital transits and instant, deliverable data.


Productivity Tools

You may want to invest in a system that allows notifications via any of your driver’s devices when you attempt to communicate with them. Your driver will then have the ability to safely pull over to respond or reorient based on weather or traffic concerns.


Communicate With Your Drivers and Make Sure They Understand You

As fleet managers, you should clearly outline your expectations and measure deliverables. Of course, when used in tandem with virtual communication methods and GPS Management Software, this becomes a breeze. Measure the number of deliveries made and be sure to effectively communicate what your expectations are with all employees. When communication is lacking and expectations are not stated clearly, your team may not know what is necessary for the success of your business. Remote workers need a manager who can decisively act and instruct without being present. It’s this discerning talent, coupled with next-generation tech that will help you manage your drivers well.

Armed with these tools, a remote manager has an infinite set of possibilities at their fingertips to support their business. Bolstered by modern technology, the road to success isn’t so long after all.