Fleet Tracking Cloud ComputingMany companies are switching to the cloud for several different business functions. There are cloud-based software solutions for accounting, document storage and sharing, time tracking, project management, and much more. If your business is adopting cloud-based solutions for some or any of these applications, why not take fleet tracking to the cloud too?

The Driver Tablet Site for Fleet Tracking

Adopting a GPS tracking system with mobile solutions means you can monitor your fleet from virtually anywhere. Real-time updates allow you to track drivers in motion, communicate with them in the field, and send updated routes with the click of a button.

The Driver tablet site is an easy-to-use tool that virtually any employee can use. In addition to route loading, communicating with fleet dispatchers, and tracking time, drivers can also use all the other features that a tablet provides.

Third-Party Apps with Fleet Tracking

Drivers in the field often have to interact with customers. They might need to gather information, update contact details, or collect payment. Having a tablet in hand means they have access to all the other cloud-based solutions and third-party apps that your businesses uses, all in one handy tool.

Benefits of Switching to the Cloud

When it comes to fleet tracking, the benefits of a robust GPS tracking system are clear. You have access to detailed reports, real-time mapping, route optimization tools, and so much more. But what are the specific benefits of using a cloud-based system?

  • Easy installation – Cloud-based GPS tracking software is all web-based, which means that you don’t have to install from disks or worry about losing them. Simply log in to the system and you have the latest version of the software right in front of you.
  • More feature upgrades – Because it’s so easy to update the software any time, software developers are able to provide more upgrades and release new features as they are created. This means you don’t have to wait for (or pay for) the next software version to get the latest improvements in your fleet tracking software.
  • Less IT time – Cloud-based solutions update the software on every device without requiring an IT professional to make manual updates on the devices themselves. This means that your staff can dedicate time to more important issues. It also means that every user has the same version all the time.

GPS Trackit stays on the cutting edge of technology, not just with GPS tracking, but also with other tools that are designed to help you run your business better. Resources like the Driver tablet site and smartphone apps give you flexibility and the freedom to monitor your fleet from anywhere. Superior technical support also gives you peace of mind that you have the help you need when you need it. Get in touch today to learn more about fleet tracking solutions with GPSTrackIt,

What cloud-based solutions do you currently use for your business?