A vehicle tracking system can vastly improve the way your fleet operates by simultaneously increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Adding field service management tools to fleet GPS makes these benefits even more compelling. Imagine if every driver had a tablet that allowed them to select routes, communicate directly with dispatchers, and use third-party apps to make the customer experience even more enjoyable.

With the Driver tablet site, you can do just this. Because it doesn’t require any special hardware or proprietary tools, Driver allows you to use your vehicle tracking system and any third-party app that you can get on an Android tablet or iPad.

Using Third-Party Apps with a Vehicle Tracking System

Many businesses that operate in the field use tablets or other tools to manage customers, increase sales, and collect payments. Some of the functions that many small businesses solve with tablets include:

  • Payment processing – Having the ability to collect payment onsite has two primary benefits: better cash flow and increased sales. When customers pay at the time of service, you don’t get slowed down by your own billing cycle and the incidence of late payments is decreased dramatically. You can also increase sales by offering customers the opportunity to pay at the moment they are ready to buy. Apps like Square and Intuit’s GoPayment allow you to quickly and cost-effectively process payments from virtually anywhere.
  • Contract signing – If you need an agreement in place before you perform a service, don’t wait until you get back to the office to print and mail it to your customer. Use an app like DocuSign Ink or Hello Sign to start your customer engagement as soon as possible. This makes it possible for you to start providing service faster and gives the customer less time to weigh their options and explore your competition.
  • Document management – Your vehicle tracking system provides real-time updates of driver locations and activities, allowing management to have a constant view of the big picture. However, if field notes and other records are delayed, fleet managers are missing critical pieces of the puzzle. If you use Google Docs or Evernote to track customer notes and other important data, drivers can input this information directly from the field. Not only is it more efficient, but it also increases the amount of real-time data available to managers.

If your vehicle tracking system can be used with any tablet, your drivers can do everything they need to do with one device. This means less equipment to keep track of, lower costs, and better driver compliance because it’s so easy.

GPSTrackIt’s Driver tablet site allows you to use your vehicle tracking system with any iPad, Android, or BlackBerry tablet device. Two-way communication capability makes dispatching a snap, and the ability to use third-party apps on the same device gives drivers all the tools they need to provide excellent service to your customers. Speak with a Fleet Advisor today to get started.

*Note: GPS Trackit does not endorse any of the above cited third-party apps; they are simply examples of popular small business solutions.