One of the most exciting career moves you can make is deciding to strike out on your own and start your own business. If you’re looking to turn your passion for trucking and the open road into a profitable business, there are a few proven strategies you should consider implementing before you start a trucking company.

Strategize Before You Mobilize

Once you’ve decided to make the leap and start your own trucking company, it’s time to develop a business strategy. This plan will allow you to remain organized throughout the business creation process, giving you a helpful foundation for tasks like imparting company values to employees, sticking to your budget, building your brand, and meeting quarterly goals. While every strategy is different and unique to each business, you should make sure yours contains the following:

  • An Executive Summary that introduces the strategy and provides a brief overview of the contents therein.
  • Your Elevator Pitch, a quick and persuasive description of the services that you can deliver in less than 1 minute.
  • A company Mission Statement
  • A breakdown of your biggest strengths and known/possible weaknesses.
  • Your overarching goals for your business.

Take Your Trucking Business Digital

In addition to developing a strategic plan, make sure that you take your trucking company’s advertising process online. This technique is important because it can help you connect with prospective clients, carriers, agents, and freight brokers who might not be exposed to your brand via traditional advertising methods like brochures and print ads. With so many in the trucking industry still relying on old-fashioned marketing methods, you can stand out from the crowd by taking your business online and reaching potential customers through email marketing, social media, and search engine results.

Find Commercial Truck Insurance

As you assemble your truck fleet, remember that commercial truck insurance is a must. A decent insurance plan should provide coverage and protection in the event of an accident. Finding a reputable company from which to purchase your insurance is immensely important. There are a lot of providers out there vying for your business, so it’s best to take your time when choosing one. When investigating a prospective provider, make sure you go online and read consumer reviews to find out if they’re in the habit of providing businesses like yours with the top-notch service and coverage they require.

Keep in Touch with Other Truckers

Many truckers know that living life on the road is a surprisingly good way to meet new friends. Unfortunately, putting down roots to start a trucking company could put you out of touch with your trucker buddies, costing you both their friendship and potential networking opportunities. Make an effort to keep in touch with your friends from the industry…who knows, maybe one of them could end up being a lucrative business connection!

If you’re ready to start a trucking company, don’t let small obstacles and setbacks get in your way. Instead, find and stick with a business strategy that suits your loftiest goals and is sustainable enough to keep your trucking business in it for the long haul.