Increase Productivity and Improve Driver Safety. Deploying GPS Tracking is One of Many Lessons New Energy Enterprises Can Learn from Traditional Businesses

Since its introduction to the business and public sectors in the 1990s, satellite based GPS vehicle tracking has become a vital tool for many businesses and public agencies, from construction to services, delivery, agriculture, towing, trucking, transit and more.

The success fleet operations have experienced due to GPS tracking – including significant cost reductions and higher profits – serves as a model for burgeoning service companies, like rooftop solar installers.

Just as with plumbing and HVAC companies, solar installation companies send technicians with vehicles and equipment into the field. Keeping track of vehicles, making sure technicians arrive at the right location at the right time, efficient scheduling and routing, safety, and fuel economy are all important factors to a rooftop solar company’s success.

When being used by rooftop solar companies, GPS Tracking becomes more than just a great asset, however; it becomes a tool in changing the world for the better, and helping to provide all of us with a “bright new tomorrow.”

Rooftop Solar installation in ArizonaSolar is the Fastest Growing Sector in the Energy Business Today

Many believe that solar power is the future of energy for the entire world. Rooftop solar is becoming not only more popular, but more available.

“While 2013 was a record-breaking year [for solar], 2014 may be even better with 30 percent growth being forecast. Part of this unprecedented expansion is due to the fact that the average price of a solar system has dropped by more than 50 percent since 2010, benefitting consumers, businesses, schools and government entities.” -Rhone Resch, Renewable Energy Source

Powerful Economic Incentives Make Solar Sector Growth more Viable

Sunshine is always free, and even on cloudy days solar panels can absorb the sun’s rays, making it a consistent, reliable energy source.

Solar Saves MoneyHome owners and commercial businesses that rely on solar are saving a significant amount of money on energy costs, and are even able to earn back money in many communities by “feeding” the power grid with excess solar energy.

Federal and state tax rebates or credits are also available for people choosing solar energy. In California alone, $3.2 billion in total has been set aside via the California Solar Initiative (CSI).

Programs like Multi-Family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) and Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) offer up to $216 million to provide solar for low income housing.

By Using Energy Channeled from the Sun, Societies are Reducing Carbon Footprints and Helping Stabilize the Economy

“[January 28, 2014] in his nationally-televised State of the Union address, President Obama gave a personal “shout out” for solar, telling an audience of 35 million people: ‘Every four minutes, another American home or business goes solar; every panel pounded into place by a worker whose job can’t be outsourced.'” -Rhone Resch, Renewable Energy Source

Solar panel installation businesses are popping up all over the U.S., serving private, and commercial customers, as well as government organizations.

Companies like Costco, Walmart, Ikea, Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, McGraw Hill, plus many more small businesses are now using solar to power their establishments.

Single family and multi-family residence owners (e.g. apartments, hotels, etc.) are also investing in solar more than ever.

Rooftop Solar InstallerRooftop Solar Installers are Pioneers, Bringing the Power of Panels to the People

As with any other operation that relies on vehicles, managing rooftop solar fleets can be a hearty task.

Depending on the region served, solar installation fleets can be made up of as few as three vehicles, to over one hundred.

Limiting fuel costs, managing arrival times, customer service, and safety of the driver and equipment can be a complicated task for even the best fleet managers.

For technicians, without a way to easily route their trips, or safely contact managers or customers, jobs can become arduous and stressful even before they start the installation process.

Just as Solar Power Saves Energy Consumers Money, GPS Trackit Helps Rooftop Solar Installers Save Money

GPS Trackit’s 24/7, real-time GPS tracking solutions for field service fleets are ideal for solar installation, maintenance, and repair. GPS Trackit solutions are based on unique business needs, helping clients improve customer and employee satisfaction and reduce costs.

“Green” companies that rely on fleets – such as solar installers – can also work further on carbon reduction by saving fuel via advanced fleet management features like route optimization, idle time monitoring, and vehicle maintenance reminders.

GPST L2000 Vehicle Tracker L2000 Vehicle Tracking Device

GPSTrackIt’s L2000 Fleet, an advanced fleet tracking device designed for fleet and equipment operations in urban, suburban and rural areas with good cellular coverage, offers one of the most sophisticated GPS tracking options on the market today.

Networked with GPS Trackit’s Fleet Manager© software, the L2000 Fleet helps fleet managers optimize time in the field by sending the closest drivers to new job sites, verifying arrival times using landmarks and other tools, monitoring safe driving behaviors, and communicating in real-time by text message or email using the Driver© Tablet site.

Key Features include:

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Mapping and Route Optimization (generates dramatic fuel savings and greater scheduling efficiency.)
  • Driver Safety Alerts (reports in real-time seat-belt usage, speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking and hard turns.)
  • Historical Logs and Reports
  • Power and Durability”

GPS Trackit smartphone apps make Fleet Manager© available to managers on the go.

GPSTrackIt Instant Alert Driver Key Chain Device
GPSTrackIt Instant Alert Driver Key Chain Device

GPS Trackit’s Instant Alert key fobs are additionally an excellent way to keep tabs on the safety of the installers. If he or she has an accident while installing panels, a fleet manager can be alerted right away.

During this period of serious transition of the planet toward cleaner energy and less air pollution, it’s important for businesses to help one another grow.

Using GPS tracking is a way for any business to streamline fleet deployment and management, project sales, and customer service.

Just as solar energy provides a clean renewable energy source, GPS tracking provides a practical means for rooftop solar managers to stay connected with their trucks, assets and technicians.

To find out more about how GPS Trackit Vehicle and Equipment Tracking Solutions can help rooftop solar installers save time and money, check out our pricing, or call 866-320-5810, to contact a Fleet Advisor today.