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Using a vehicle tracking GPS system with route optimization features allows you to shave off these extra miles and minutes, saving you money and enabling your drivers to visit more customer sites in a day.

Cost Effective Vehicle Tracking: GPS Route Optimization

Before a driver heads out for the day, you or a dispatcher can enter the various stops that are required. Simply click the route optimization button and your GPS system will tell you and the driver which route is most efficient. All the driver has to do is follow the route displayed on the GPS unit in the vehicle. Your dispatchers can also let customers know when to expect the driver.

What happens if the driver needs to change the route for some reason? If they use the Driver tablet site, they can get a new optimized route from their current location and complete their day in the most efficient way.

The many benefits of route optimization include:

  • Drive fewer miles – Every mile costs you money. Optimizing routes both at the beginning of the day and from the field helps you save on fuel costs.
  • Increase driver productivity – The less time it takes to get from one customer to the next, the more time your drivers will have to serve even more customers.
  • Keep customers happy – Optimizing routes allows you to provide more accurate arrival estimates and provide better service to more customers in a day.
  • Limit vehicle wear – Driving extra miles means more wear and tear on your vehicles. Using the most efficient routes means you can get more from your valuable assets.

Not every vehicle tracking GPS solution offers this important feature, but GPSTrackIt does. Our goal is to provide fleet GPS solutions for any type of business, no matter how large or small. This means that we constantly add new features, update our software, and try to find new ways to help you run your business better. Contact us today to find out which vehicle tracking GPS solution is right for you.

How much time would your drivers save with GPS route optimization from the field?