Fleet GPS ToolsFleet GPS tools can provide multiple benefits for managers, dispatchers, and drivers. However, while managers and dispatchers have the advantage of computers in the office, drivers are often limited to cell phones and GPS units in the vehicles.

Adding mobile fleet GPS tools can enhance the way you manage your fleet and provide several benefits, especially for drivers in the field. Depending on the tools and features you need, you can select from three different mobile fleet GPS solutions:

  1. The smart phone app lets you monitor driver locations, view location history,create alerts, and run vehicle reports from anywhere. You can also use it to dispatch the closest vehicle and get directions from the current location to the customer site.
  2. The tablet app offers all the same features as the smart phone app, but with a larger screen. You also have the benefit of being able to add other third-party apps that might be useful in the field.
  3. The Driver Tablet Site, designed to be used on any tablet platform, allows two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers. It also has customizable forms that can be used in the field so drivers can gather customer information, complete site reports, or enter any other information that is useful for your business.

Any of these three solutions are great for managers, especially those that also work in the field. However, the many additional benefits for drivers should not be ignored.

Why Should You Adopt Mobile Fleet GPS Tools?

Any tool that helps drivers become more efficient is valuable. Consider these six reasons that drivers benefit from mobile fleet GPS tools:

  1. One device – With the Driver Tablet Site, employees no longer have to juggle multiple devices. They can get all the useful GPS tracking features and the ability to communicate with dispatchers in a single device. Add in third-party apps and the tablet becomes a very powerful tool.
  2. Clear route plans – Drivers can easily see all their planned stops, even if they change throughout the day. Whenever a dispatcher makes a change, it automatically displays on the tablet and there is no need to make a phone call. Drivers also have the ability to make changes on the fly and get directions from their current location.
  3. Easier communication – Two-way communication features make communicating with dispatchers much easier, which means less time on the phone and more time on the road.
  4. Safer communication – Canned chat responses prevent the need for typing, so drivers can quickly and safely communicate from the field.
  5. Field service tools – Drivers no longer have to worry about carrying clipboards or losing paper files. With third-party apps they can have customers sign contracts, run credit cards, and do anything else that an app can support.
  6. Easier time tracking – Drivers can clock in and out from the tablet to ensure accurate timekeeping.

GPSTrackIt can help you select and implement the mobile fleet GPS solutions that make the most sense for your business. If you just need to easily monitor driver activity from the field, the smart phone app may be all you need. However, to get the most from your GPS tracking system, the Driver Tablet Site’s robust features provide everything you need to optimize your fleet. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of mobile fleet GPS tools.

With all these great benefits, why wouldn’t you use mobile fleet GPS tools?


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