Vehicle tracking systems can be used to monitor all sorts of assets, including heavy equipment. Although features such as real-time mapping, landmarks, and time tracking are essential components of good vehicle tracking systems, if you want to keep an eye on heavy equipment, there are some other features you need to make sure you have.

Because heavy equipment is often left unattended at construction sites, you need features that can help you prevent theft or misuse. According to the most recent National Insurance Crime Bureau heavy equipment theft report, more than 11,000 thefts are reported each year and only 21% of stolen equipment is recovered. Vehicle tracking systems can help you prevent theft in the first place and help you quickly recover stolen assets when necessary.

Seven Features of Heavy Equipment Vehicle Tracking Systems

If you want to protect your valuable assets with vehicle tracking systems, there are certain features you should look for if you plan to monitor heavy equipment:

  1. Over-sized battery – Make sure that your system is designed for long-term use and has a power source that will last.
  2. Regular location reports – You don’t necessarily need a real-time map for your heavy equipment, but you should get a report once an hour while the vehicle is moving to make sure it is located where it should be.
  3. Ignition control – Look for a system that allows you to remotely turn the ignition off in the event of a theft or suspected misuse.
  4. Geofences and alerts – Set up a geofence around the work site and get immediately notified if the heavy equipment leaves the area. Early notification is the key to asset recovery. The sooner you know that a vehicle has been stolen, the faster you can recover it.
  5. Back-up battery – Savvy thieves often know how to disable a tracking system or remove its power source, so make sure yours has a back-up battery that prevents tampering.
  6. Web-based tracking – Monitor and remotely access your heavy equipment from any computer with web-based tracking.
  7. Cost-effective – Monitoring heavy equipment does not need to be expensive. Vehicle tracking systems offer many benefits and features that contribute to a fast return on your investment.

GPS Trackit’s heavy equipment tracking solutions provide all of these valuable features and more. Whether you just want to monitor heavy equipment, track your fleet in the field, or both, we have a cost-effective solution that’s right for you. Speak to a Fleet Advisor today to get started.

How much would you lose if just one of your heavy equipment assets was stolen? How do you think this compares to the cost of vehicle tracking systems?

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