Tell Granny to get out her…. tracking shoes? That’s right; a new strategic partnership is resulting in the creation of so-called “SmartSole” shoes, capable of giving caregivers real time access to lifesaving location data for loved ones who’ve wandered off.

Blog - Seniors Soon to Be Wearing GPS Tracking Shoes and Button AlertsA Dynamic new technology
Life Button 24, a division of World Wide Security Group and trusted life safety, dispatch and monitoring service since 1979, , is offering this interesting new technology.

Pattering around with peace of mind
Through advanced tracking technology and customized emergency response, Life Button 24’s emergency response services, is hoping to aid the growing number of families dealing with Alzheimer’s. It is hoped to help families coping with autism as well.

Keeping up with Granny
24/7, continuous access to live dispatch operators when Granny goes missing mean loved ones won’t have to wait for vital information. Premium services will be available on a monthly subscription basis as an add-on to monthly tracking service plans.

Senior search and rescue
SmartSoles were specifically designed for the real-time location of lost loved-ones and will give caregivers live access to those who can assist them in successfully finding and retrieving missing persons. Operators will also assist in notifying authorities when needed, offering caregivers, assisted living facilities, and more an additional level of 24/7 human response when critical support is needed.

Tried and true technology
The new technology has been tested over the course of several months, integrating the tools and technology of partnered companies, and has also been discussed with future SmartSoles partners in the law enforcement and assisted-living community.

Need to keep track of Granny?
Initial delivery dates for the delivery of GPS SmartSoles to consumers will be confirmed in the upcoming week. Several pilot programs are being launched later this month.

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