“Clients we service often ask how many times our vehicle has checked their location. We are now able to ascertain all the information they require” – Larry Chamberlain

COMPANY: SSA Security Group, Inc.

LOCATION: Chatsworth, California

INDUSTRY: Services


WEBSITE: www.ssa-securitygroup.com

SSA Security Group, Inc. was founded in 1991 to provide outstanding, professional security services in the Pacific Palisades, Hancock Park, and Windsor Square areas of Los Angeles.

The Chatsworth, California based company employs “highly trained and experienced” police officers who are committed to reducing and preventing crime to improve the quality of life within their communities.

In an effort to maintain a higher level of customer service, SSA turned to GPSTrackit for the right tool to make it possible.


Covering a very affluent part of Southern California, filled with expensive homes, vehicles, and wealthy individuals, it is a main priority that SSA maintain a high level of service for its customers.

To keep up with their customer demands, SSA needed a solution to provide customers the data they need to be rest assured their assets are being fully protected.

Primarily, SSA’s customers wanted to know:

  • Their address was being patrolled frequently through-out the day.
  • Security patrolled their location slow enough to perform a security check.
  • SSA patrol parked their vehicles to to do a walk of their property.
  • There was tangible proof to verify their property was being patrolled as requested.

Reports from GPS tracking were an efficient solution to this problem.


Understanding that SSA is a small business with the potential to grow and expand later, GPSTrackit wanted to provide a scalable solution that was cost efficient, yet powerful enough to meet their customer demands.

The L2000V GPS tracking solution was the suggested choice of technology for SSA.

We were getting a bunch of new phones, iPads and tablets and different things and he mentioned your service. We mentioned our other GPS solution was not providing timely data and that we kept receiving messages about a weak signal and how it was just a bunch of problems. That’s when our [wireless rep] suggested that we take a look at GPS Trackit.” – Larry Chamberlain, Vice President and Director of SSA.


Using the L2000V from GPS Trackit, SSA has been able to greatly improve the level of customer service their clients receive. Benefits the company has received are:

  • Landmarks show how often a car visits a specific address.
  • Idle reports show if a vehicle has been sitting with the engine on for more than 55 minutes.
  • The detailed report will show what addresses have been visited and when, the vehicle speeds, and more.

SSA Security Group, Inc.’s customers have gained an increased sense of security and peace of mind that they are getting the services they are paying for.

By being able to show them a printed or faxed report of the vehicle activity for a specific address, customers feel they are being more closely protected.

For more information on how a GPS tracking solution may benefit your business, click the link below to view a demo or receive a quote.