His fleet of 29 delivery trucks went on a tangled knot of cross-crossing routes every day, and only managed to make two or three stops per truck. Worse yet, some of his drivers were idle for big chunks of time in the middle of the day. 

He needed a way to cover more clients with the same number of crews. With GPS Trackit’s route optimization for field service businesses, he was able to transform Thompson Trading’s coverage area. “We were doing about two to three stores per day before, and with GPS Trackit we were able to do better routes,” said Thompson, who is based in the Bahamas. “So we are doing more stores in the same area and increased to five or six stores per route. So instead of driving all around the island, we cut down routes.”

The benefits of route optimization for field service businesses are striking. Thompson not only saw a 20 percent increase in the number of clients he was able to serve in a week—with the same number of crews and trucks—but was also able to save $4,000 in fuel costs at the same time. 

Thompson Trading saw more clients and did more business will driving fewer miles and putting less wear-and-tear on its vehicles. All while developing a system that gave Thompson a better way to keep track of where his trucks were in real-time and what his drivers were doing.

Route optimization for field service business works through a combination of GPS-enabled tracking units installed in each fleet vehicle and GPS Trackit’s industry-leading analytics platform. The Google Maps-based dashboard lets operators see the digital “crumb trails” each vehicle leaves as it makes its way through a given route. Having access to in-depth location data gives operators the power to make routing assignments that require less drive time—and cover emerging calls with vehicles already in the area. Crews spend less time on the road and more on the job, and customers wait for less time and have more reliable information about when their techs will be arriving. 

GPS Trackit helps field service businesses optimize routes, increase fuel economy, improve driver safety and accountability—and increase profits. 

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