It used to be that the only way to nab the bad guys was to directly catch them in the act. But as electronics have become more sophisticated, they can take the place of stake-outs or constant monitoring to protect valuables, no matter what they are.

Credit Card Skimmers

One of the most novel ways to use a GPS tracking system is attaching one to a credit card skimmer. Understand that every time you skim your card, a small computer records and holds onto the data. Enterprising criminals can then steal the actual hardware and retrieve the stored data.

However, by attaching a small GPS device to the skimmer, law enforcement officials can track it down if it gets stolen. This novel use of an electronic GPS unit makes all the difference in the world.

Vehicle Tracking

Now imagine, if you will, attaching a GPS tracker to a motor vehicle. Although maybe not something the average woman or man might consider, if you own a fleet of vehicles, a GPS tracker would certainly help you get the jump on the thieves if one of those vehicles became lost or stolen. That’s worth the cost of admission right there.

More than Just Tracking

Of course, the first thing you think of is the tracking aspect of GPS, and well you should. But tracking is just one of the reasons to have them installed.

One of the main problems with fleet use is getting from point “A” to point “B”. There may be many different routes to take, but a GPS system will optimize your route for you, showing the quickest and least time-consuming way to get from place to place.

Knowing this, you can also see exactly where an employee has gone during their time on any route, making sure they actually did go from point “A” to point “B” without any recreational stops along the way. Using this type of optimized route information, you have the potential to cut drive time down in half.

If you have any questions about what GPS tracking can do for you and your business, ask the experts at Speak with a Fleet Advisor. We’ll keep you going in the right direction, every time.