Cats have a reputation for being aloof and haughty, so it’s only appropriate that they have their own exclusive accessories. Thanks to PawTrack, a new GPS tracking unit made just for cats, you can get a glimpse into your pet’s secret independent life.

The creators of PawTrack are hoping to capture a chunk of the $58.5 million in sales generated by the pet products industry. While there are other GPS tracking devices for pets on the market, PawTrack’s innovative collar design places the device’s antenna on a cat’s neck in order to get more accurate readings.

The system operates on an internal Wi-Fi that detects when your cat is at home so the device can go into sleep mode. Collars take approximately four hours to recharge, with power lasting up to six days. Alerts are issued when the battery life reaches a critical low.

Readings are taken every 10 minutes by default, but you can modify the settings to your preference. You can use the geofencing feature to establish boundaries and receive an alert once your pet has wandered outside the limits. Alerts are also generated when the device is in “lost cat” mode and your pet is found.

What sets PawTrack apart from other systems is its collection of data. Instead of operating on simple SMS instructions, the collar stores information and uploads it to the company’s server where it can be viewed on any computer or device with Internet access. In addition, you can look at a history of your cat’s movements over the last 30 days to see where she spends time during her travels.

PawTrack was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and began shipping the first orders in July 2015. In the U.S. and Canada the collar sells for $99.99 with a $7.99 monthly service charge. The founders are planning to incorporate a feature integrating the data with social media so you can track your pet on Twitter or see how her activities compare with those of other cats.

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