As part of keeping you informed on everything about the uses of GPS did you know that cats are the newest target for GPS tracking? Cats are notorious for having an independent streak a mile wide. Add to that their penchant for small, narrow, out-of-the-way places and you have a situation that’s tailor-made for GPS tracking for cats. The founders of PawTrack are hoping that their device, created exclusively for felines, will put an end to the problem of stray cats.

While GPS tracking for pets is not a new concept, the owners believe that there’s room in the $58.5 billion pet product industry for their device. The unique design of the collar makes it difficult for squirmy cats to remove it, but there is also an elastic safety buckle to prevent choking hazards. Having the tracker positioned on the cat’s neck allows for more accurate readings. A setting is available for the pet’s human to control the tracking time periods.

Another beneficial feature is the internal Wi-Fi. The tracker recognizes when the cat is at home and enters a sleep mode to conserve energy. Creator Jeremy Price states that other products cannot differentiate between a cat sleeping or moving around, resulting in false readings that cause unnecessary alarm. If the pet does run away, the lost cat mode will generate an automatic alert to the owners once she is located.

PawTrack collects information on a central server so the data can be aggregated and analyzed. The goal is to use this feature to integrate the data on social media. Owners will have the option to track their cat on Twitter or see how her behavior stacks up compared to other felines.

This past summer the company ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise operating funds of approximately $25,000. The design team has been running the web tracking platform and firmware for two years, while actual tracking of cats around the world has been conducted over the last 12 months. With some minor adjustments, PawTrack expects to meet its estimated ship date of November 2014.

The days of a fireman climbing a tree to rescue a young girl’s precious kitty are long gone. GPS tracking continues to become less of a novelty, solidifying its position as a valuable tool in everyday life. If you need tracking for more than your pet, consider the technologically advanced equipment and fleet tracking services that GPS Trackit provides.