If you have never had an airline lose your luggage, odds are you know at least one person who has. This sad story is so common that many travelers hold their breath at arrival, keeping fingers crossed that their bags have kept up with them.

Until the airlines come up with a fool-proof way to handle the logistics of baggage transport, you can at least get some peace of mind knowing where your luggage is at all times. TUMI, the leading manufacturer of high-end baggage and travel accessories, has joined forces with telecommunications giant AT&T and technology company LugTrack to launch a real-time tracking device for luggage.

The TUMI Global Locator is a compact device approximately the size of a cell phone that you simply slip into a bag, backpack, briefcase or any other type of luggage you want to track. It uses GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to report your bag’s real-time location on a mobile application. The device has the ability to turn itself off during flight and restart upon landing, making it compliant with FAA regulatory policies.

According to Jerome Griffith, CEO and president of TUMI, creation of the Global Locator was driven by a perceived opportunity to support the desire of today’s consumers to stay connected in all areas of their lives. There are several Bluetooth trackers on the market, but they lose their usefulness when the item being tracked moves out of Bluetooth range. Incorporating the more robust GPS technology allows TUMI’s tracker to provide accurate data across greater expanses.

TUMI is planning to roll out the Global Locator during the final quarter of 2015 in time for holiday shopping. At this point there has been no indication that a data plan purchase will be required. You can get the latest news and updates by visiting TUMI’s website.

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