It is no longer just small businesses that are looking to save money these days. Big business and local government are feeling a pinch in their bank accounts and they are not too happy about it. In an economy where prices continue to rise, municipal agencies are looking for ways to save on costs. Then again, who isn’t!

Residents across the U.S. were forced to reduce their water usage during the drought, causing the water department began to lose money. When consumers complied, the water company decided raising their prices would offset things. Wrong!

The only way for the water company to begin recouping their losses was to find alternative ways to reduce overhead expenses. GPS systems became the solution for many.

Municipal Uses for GPS

Vehicle operations within municipal services have found fleet tracking systems are beneficial to reducing overhead while increasing employee productivity.

Municipal uses for GPS include:

  • Mapping Vehicle Locations
  • Dispatching Vehicles
  • Managing Incidents of Speeding
  • Reducing Engine Idling
  • Establishing Employee Habits

Benefits of Using GPS Systems in Municipal Fleets

There are a number of benefits to using municipal GPS solutions:

  • Having access to vehicle location makes dispatching vehicles to various locations more effective.
  • Monitoring speed promotes safety while tracking engine idling will improve gas mileage, reducing engine wear and tear.
  • Overhead costs are reduced by improving fuel consumption and reducing vehicle maintenance and insurance.
  • Driver habits are established presenting ways to improve employee productivity.

Did you realize that using a fleet tracking system would help your business make more money? Time card abuse is decreased with driver monitoring. More jobs can be dispatched daily using municipal GPS fleet tracking. Companies implementing fleet management systems have seen an increase in business of over 20%. It all adds up!

GPS Trackit provides a fleet management solution for just about any business. When it comes down to municipal uses for GPS, it is one of the best fleet tracking systems to use for: reducing engine idling, establishing employee habits, reducing incidents of speeding and to improve gas mileage.