Blog - Make Your New Car, Your Last Car - Vehicle TrackingA car is one of the greatest possessions you will ever have in your life; it takes you everywhere you need to go and is a space that is undeniably yours. Nonetheless most people try to refrain from frequently buying cars, given that purchasing a new car is a long and expensive process for everyone.

For most people, purchasing a new car happens when a car reaches the end of its lifeline, and it is no longer reasonable to continue repairs. However, cars don’t all have to break down within a matter of years. With some expert tips and attention to car care, drivers can enjoy their new car for longer than ever.

Right Off the Lot

Immediately once you start driving your brand new car, it is important to look after it. The manner in which you treat your car in the first 1,000-1,200 miles of its life can either prolong or truncate the car’s life. Always stay below the speed limits when driving, remove any unnecessary heavy items from the car, and drive slowly and carefully in bad weather.

Vehicle Maintenance

Although keeping track of your car’s maintenance schedule is a hassle, its importance cannot be stressed enough. From checking brake pad thickness and changing tires to replacing oil filters, all of these car maintenance steps are essential for keeping your vehicle in top shape. Also be sure to purchase only reputable gas, as poor-quality gas can leave dirt and sediments in your car’s tank which further shortens the lifespan of your car.

Care for the Road

There are a number of ways to increase the longevity of your car even when you are out on the road. First, do not immediately start cruising at high speeds shortly after start-up—especially in colder temperatures, because it puts your car’s engine under tremendous strain.

Second, be sure to use your car’s hand brake especially when parking on an incline. Without the support of a parking brake, the car’s rear brakes are under considerable stress which also shortens their lifespans.

Third, as much as you might want to speed it is not recommended. Regularly speeding will cause your vehicle to require more frequent maintenance checks, while also shortening the lifespan of your car’s tires.

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