Here’s a little humorous parody of what cannot be tracked with GPS tracking 😉 …

There are many mysteries that continue to confound brilliant minds: What was the purpose of Stonehenge? What are all those Easter Island dudes staring at? Why does some miniature version of the Bermuda Triangle exist on your desk that is obviously responsible for the disappearance of any pen you ever had that writes well? You know that GPS technology can prevent your valuable equipment from ending up like Jimmy Hoffa. What other common mysteries around your workplace could be solved with the help of GPS tracking?

Wandering Attention

Whether it is trying to get people to learn new software or just stay focused during the weekly meetings, a GPS tracking program that could help rein in the attention of workers would probably increase productivity more than any innovation in the past 100 years. Unfortunately, I don’t think Google has yet mapped all of the places that people’s thoughts go to during boring meetings.

Lost Passwords

They change at least once a month, and every business seems to have at least 50 of them. While there are password management programs and add-ons available, wouldn’t you like to know how those newly issued passwords get lost so quickly and typically by the same person over and over again?


Our fuel card integration product can alert you of potential fuel theft and help you eliminate any employees who take advantage of the company. We don’t currently have a solution that asks employees, “Do you really want to send this response to every person in the company?” before they send an email response.

Indoor Climate Change

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is a major cost for any company. It gets more costly and difficult when people differ on the best thermostat setting. If locking covers can’t stop random indoor climate change, maybe you could use a GPS device to track down the problem.

Missing Recognition

This last one really is the responsibility of the manager. When proper recognition of employees goes missing, the best people soon follow.
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