You know the benefits of a fleet telematics system: Improved efficiency and visibility for your assets, better information for decision-making, and significant cost savings.

And there are the safety benefits, too: A Towers Watson study revealed that commercial fleets saw up to an 80 percent reduction in accidents when they implemented a fleet telematics solution. But how do you decide which fleet telematics companies offer the best protection for your business? We’ll examine five factors that show why GPS Trackit is one of the best fleet telematics companies in the market.


  1. Multiple Dash Cam Options

GPS Trackit offers diverse dash cam options to fit your needs—which allow for various combinations depending on your vehicle’s size and your desired level of data aggregation. Choose from simple forward- and driver-facing cameras to ones with sophisticated built-in artificial intelligence that can predict potentially distracted behavior and warn drivers before it becomes a problem. 


  1. Latest AI Technology

Want the security and information-gathering power of AI? GPS Trackit deploys the most recent artificial intelligence technology and analytics to facilitate smarter and more insightful decisions—enabling companies to take appropriate measures to reduce fuel costs, improve driver behavior, and optimize routes. GPS Trackit clients can see an almost 70 percent reduction in accident costs after installing a video telematics solution. 


  1. Live Video Capabilities

GPS Trackit’s fleet telematics systems make it easy to see live video inside or outside a vehicle and to request high-quality video feeds of specific timestamps. The system also sends notifications when a particular event occurs—like excessive speeding, aggressive driving, or an accident. This real-time solution promotes transparency and helps businesses take appropriate measures to prevent future accidents and liabilities.


  1. Industry Recognition 

You want your fleet management company to be a trusted resource. GPS Trackit has earned numerous accolades, including Software Advice’s Frontrunner Award and GetApp’s Category Leader Award in 2022. These awards attest to GPS Trackit’s innovation, dedication to excellence, and commitment to meeting customers’ needs.


  1. Excellent Customer Service

GPS Trackit’s experienced Fleet Advisors are trained to provide a seamless fleet management experience and help clients solve their most persistent challenges. Clients have a personal relationship manager that helps build tailored solutions, and the company’s large online knowledge base offers free live and on-demand training to help get the most out of the software.  

Fleet management can be daunting and overwhelming, but with GPS Trackit, you not only get industry-leading technology but also customized guidance from a dedicated team of product and application experts to help your business thrive. Reach out to a GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor today to learn more.