As a fleet manager, you’re in a daily chess match to make sure your field service technicians operate efficiently, safely, and productively. With a GPS tracking system, you can monitor the movement of your vehicles and track their current location. But using geofencing in field service can make your job even easier. 


What is geofencing? Fleet management platforms like GPS Trackit can help you set up virtual boundaries on the map that will trigger an alert if a given vehicle moves out of the area you assign. Want to make sure a piece of equipment doesn’t leave the yard unless you know about it? Checking to see if a particular truck stays in the service area all day? Geofences are the tool to use. Here’s how they can help.  


  1. Better Time Management 

Geofencing can help fleet managers to effectively manage the time of their field service technicians. The establishment of a virtual boundary alerts the managers when a technician enters or leaves a designated work area. This information allows the manager to estimate the time that a technician will take to reach the next job site, allowing for scheduling of further jobs.


  1. Improved Productivity 

Incorporating geofencing in field service can lead to improved productivity. It allows managers to set and monitor the time spent on each job site by the field service technicians. This data helps fleet managers identify technicians who are high-performing and allows them to implement best practices, which can result in improved productivity of the entire team.


  1. Better Fuel Efficiency

Geofencing helps fleet managers optimize fuel consumption by outlining the work area boundaries for the field technicians. It allows for creating fuel-conserving routes by avoiding unnecessary stops and detours. By doing this, fleet managers can make better decisions about the routing directions, saving fuel and reducing overall costs.


  1. Enhance Safety and Security

Geofencing in field service provides improved safety and security for your field service technicians. Managers can set up designated working areas for their technicians, and if the technician leaves the area, the geofencing system will notify the manager of a potential safety or security breach. This warning provides an opportunity to verify the safety of the technician or the vehicle, ensuring their safety.


  1. Increases Customer Satisfaction 

Geofencing ensures that your technician reaches the job site at the scheduled time by providing continual updates to the fleet managers. The managers can follow the technicians’ work progress and inform customers of an expected arrival time, thus enhancing communication and increasing their satisfaction with your services.

From improved time management and productivity to better fuel efficiency, safety and security, and increased customer satisfaction, it is easy to see why incorporating geofencing into your fleet management system is a popular upgrade. Talk to a GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor today and get a free, customized plan for your business.