Mountain driving can be one of the most challenging and stressful experiences for fleet drivers in any size vehicle. The steep grades, sharp curves, and unpredictable weather can pose significant risks to the driver and the vehicle.

But with the right fleet management technology, you can improve mountain driving safety almost overnight. Here’s how GPS Trackit fleet management technology can help:


  1. Real-time monitoring and tracking

With GPS tracking at the heart of the best fleet management software, fleet managers can identify the exact location of the vehicle and monitor the driver’s performance. This means that if a driver experiences any issues while navigating through mountains, managers can respond immediately. Real-time monitoring allows for quicker response times and makes it easier to coordinate with other vehicles and emergency services. Plus, with GPS Trackit’s map-based dashboard interface, fleet managers can overlay weather and traffic maps to help drivers avoid mountain issues in the first place. 


  1. Advanced vehicle diagnostics

Sophisticated software like GPS Trackit works with the engine control modules in your vehicles to detect any potential faults or failures—like brake failure or engine overheating. This information can be relayed to the driver or fleet manager, who can act accordingly. Advanced vehicle diagnostics can also help to prevent accidents by identifying potential issues before they become safety issues. This troubleshooting will keep your vehicles in top condition—which will improve mountain driving safety. 


  1. Driver safety training

Fleet management technology doesn’t just monitor driver performance; it can also provide the basis for tailored driver safety training. For example, GPS Trackit’s driver performance program can analyze how safely and efficiently a driver is performing. That data can then be used to build a training program to improve skills and reinforce best practices. 


  1. Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is an emerging technology that can aggregate data to improve mountain driving safety. Predictive analytics software can analyze data from past journeys and identify patterns. This analysis can help fleet managers to predict future events and take preventative action. If clusters of similar events happen on one stretch of mountain road, for example, fleet managers can improve training around the issue or even plan routing that avoids the location altogether. 


  1. Better communication

Fleet management technology gives drivers a safer communication link between the vehicle and the hub. Drivers are able to get the information they need without having to fumble with a smartphone, and fleet managers can use the big picture they see on the dashboard to move assets to safer and more effective places. One GPS Trackit client uses the map interface to maneuver trucks around its service area in real time to avoid precipitation—increasing daily productivity by more than 20 percent. 

To learn how other midsize and large fleet operators are improving driving safety across their service areas, talk to an experienced Fleet Advisor today for a free, no-obligation demo.