At GPS Trackit, we understand the unique needs of businesses in the field service industry. We know that your customers expect timely, efficient service and that you need to be able to track your fleet to ensure that your technicians are meeting those expectations. That’s why we offer field service software for plumbing that’s designed to help you do more business. Let’s look at some of the problems field service software can help you solve. 

Field Service Software for plumbing can help you, dispatch technicians, more efficiently. 

GPS Trackit’s field service software for plumbing can help you dispatch your technicians more efficiently by providing you with real-time information on their location and status. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can view the location of all of your vehicles at once, so you can easily see which technician is closest to the job site. You can also see whether a technician is in route, on break, or has arrived at the job site. This information can help you make better dispatch decisions—which will save you time and money. The typical GPS Trackit client sees up to 20 percent more customers in a week with help from our field service software for plumbing.

Field Service Software for plumbing can help you optimize your routes. 

When you have GPS tracking devices installed in your vehicles, you can use the data they collect to optimize your routes. This data can show you which roads are fastest, which roads are most congested, and where there is construction or other delays. You can also build the most sensible, efficient assignment lists for each technician. Your techs are happier and more satisfied, and your clients get timely attention.  

GPS Tracking can help you monitor employee activity. 

With GPS Trackit’s fleet management solution, you can see when employees arrive at and leave job sites, as well as how long they spend on each job. This information can be used to improve employee productivity, more accurately quote job costs—and hold employees accountable for their time on the clock. 

Field Service Software for plumbing can help you track maintenance and repairs.

It’s important to keep track of when each vehicle in your fleet is due for maintenance or repair. With the maintenance module, you can set up alerts so that you’re notified when a vehicle is due for service. This will help you avoid expensive repairs down the road and keep your vehicles on the road longer. 


If you’re not using GPS tracking for your plumbing business yet, now is the time to start! GPS tracking solutions from GPSTrackit can help improve dispatch efficiency, optimize routes, monitor employee activity, and stay current on maintenance. Contact one of our Fleet Advisors today to learn more about our products and get a free, personalized demo.