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The High Cost of Fleet Accidents — How to Avoid Them & Protect Your Company

One of the biggest challenges you face is knowing how your team and vehicles affect costs and safety in an unpredictable world.

The cost of even one accident with injury or death can be devastating to your business.

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August 4th, 2021 1-1:30pm ET / 10-10:30am PT

In this brief webinar, you’ll experience a unique opportunity to hear from legal experts on both sides of the aisle about how they approach these accident cases, including insights on what you can do to exonerate your driver…. or better yet, reduce the risk of liability from the outset.

Hear from experts on how to mitigate your risk, reduce risky behaviors, and protect your drivers and business from skyrocketing liability costs. Additionally, you will take away valuable tips on ways to improve your company’s safety culture.

Join us and learn from attorneys on both sides of commercial fleet accident litigation:

  • The real risk of nuclear verdicts for injury and death
  • How attorneys use video evidence in a vehicle crash case
  • How to protect your business from fleet-related liability costs
  • The latest video and dash cam technology that can prevent incidents and reduce false claims

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to protect your business from the devastating costs of fleet vehicle accidents. See you on August 4th!

All registrants will receive a link to the recorded webinar including Q&A with the speakers.

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