Greyhound Bus Lines Embraces GPS Tracking

For years, the classic slogan of Greyhound urged Americans to “Leave the driving to us!” As the bus transportation company moves to incorporate technology for a more personalized traveling experience, passengers will now be able to track their location and estimated arrival time with smartphones, tablets and laptops.

BusTracker Provides Greyhound GPS Tracking

Greyhound announced the launch of BusTracker, a real-time GPS tracking system that follows the location of company vehicles as they travel between more than 3,800 destinations across North America. The app is furnished with data from three tracking systems installed on every bus in Greyhound’s fleet.

How to Track a Greyhound Bus with GPS

Passengers access BusTracker simply by pulling up on their devices. Routes can be searched by schedule number, departure city or arrival city. Friends and family can also find accurate arrival times to schedule pick-ups.

The BusTracker tool can be found on any device that is Internet-ready as well as on, according to the busing company. The tool provides real-time GPS tracking which enables customers to see the exact location of their bus and when it is due to reach their destination.  For people who use smartphones, BusTracker can be found in the Greyhound mobile app, which is available on both the Android and Apple devices. BusTracker updates every 1 to 4 minutes and draws its data from three different tracking systems, which are installed on every Greyhound bus to offer customers the latest schedule status.

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Amenities + GPS Tracking for Greyhound Buses</h3>

High-tech tracking is only one of the amenities Greyhound is using to reposition bus travel as a modern and attractive alternative to more expensive options. More than 1,200 buses have been equipped with free onboard WiFi and power outlets to keep passengers wired in.

Traffic conditions and multiple-station stops often make it difficult to determine accurate arrival time. According to Andy Kaminsky, chief commercial officer of Greyhound Lines, Inc., the company views BusTracker as “a system that takes the uncertainty out of bus travel.”

Functional Improvements to Greyhound Bus Lines 

Additional improvements such as leather seats and more legroom allow passengers to travel in greater comfort. OnStar is a new feature providing access to destination packages that let users purchase tickets to theatrical events and other top attractions and receive special offers on ground transportation.

GPS Trackit Solutions for Fleet Management

If GPS tracking can provide pinpoint tracking for Greyhound’s national fleet, imagine what it can do for your company’s vehicles and heavy equipment. puts a state-of-the-art fleet management system at your fingertips using digital telematics and ELD hardware.

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