An Important Question often Posed by Consumers is where can Green Vehicles be Conveniently Recharged or Refueled?

Alternative fuel vehicles are becoming more available as well as more affordable. In the not too distant future, most drivers in every corner of the nation will be using alternative fuels or electric vehicles (EVs).

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Across the United States, there are thousands of public alternative fuel and EV charging stations available to businesses, government agencies and individuals.

The number is growing every day, making it more possible than ever before to conveniently recharge or refuel privately owned green cars, and corporate or public sector fleets.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

California alone has 1,417 charging stations for electric cars, most occupying the central and southern regions of the state.

Within Los Angeles, EV charging stations are located in places like:

  • The Staples Center
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Dodger Stadium
  • The Getty Center

Houston City Hall Almost 2,000 miles east of LA, in Houston, there is also a handy supply of EV charging stations available. Places to recharge in Houston include:

  • Houston City Hall
  • Houston Central Library
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Whole Foods Market

Conveniently, many universities, high schools, parks, city halls, beaches, hotels, hospitals, and car dealerships have EV charging stations available for public use. EV charging stations can also be found from the east to west coast at businesses like:

  • Applebees
  • Bank of America
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Costco
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Kohl’s
  • Fry’s
  • Goodwill
  • Home Depot
  • Ikea
  • McDonalds
  • Chili’s
  • Walmart
  • Publix
  • Sears
  • Whole Foods

Throughout the U.S. there are a total of 6,599 EV charging stations, not including personal units at private residences.

To find nationwide public electric vehicle charging stations, visit:

Biodiesel Stations

Biodiesel ProductionBiodiesel has been a popular alternative fuel for some years. It is one of the most inexpensive given that the majority of diesel engines can be easily converted to biodiesel.

Some bio-refueling stations in New York are:

  • Tri-State Biodiesel
  • Sunoco – ZSA Petroleum
  • Croton-on-Hudson Gulf
  • Village Service Station

Biodiesel is available in almost all areas through independent retailers. The United States has 324 registered, public biodiesel fueling stations.

Two convenient ways to find biodiesel retailers and stations nationwide are:

Ethanol is produced from vegetation waste.

Ethanol Stations

Another viable alternative fuel option is Ethanol.

Produced from domestically grown vegetation, ethanol is improving the national economy, and providing an excellent means to reduce carbon footprints.

In the windy city of Chicago, ethanol fuel is available at:

  • Clark Gas for Less
  • Citgo
  • Mobil
  • Aisha Wash and Fuel Island – Citgo

A total of 2,338 public Ethanol fuel stations are available in the U.S.

To learn more about Ethanol Fuel and find nationwide fueling stations visit:

In the years to come the number of green fueling stations will grow significantly as the country works towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on foreign oil.

Eventually electric and bio-fuels will not be the alternative but the standard.

For now it takes a little research, but sooner rather than later there will be just as many charging and alternative fuel stations as there are petroleum gas stations.