With the progression of technology expanding at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to keep with the modernization often required to maintain a name in the business community. So how do you keep up with the ever-changing demands of your consumers? By investing in valuable and flexible technology that resists obsolescence by focusing on the needs of the future.

The Will of the People

The world today is more connected than ever before, allowing the public access to a world’s worth of information. As consumers educate themselves on the environmental impacts of the resources they use, and recognize the growing scarcity of natural resources available, more and more are looking for a less harmful way to live. Consumers are drawn to companies offering easier, greener access to the same goods and services they are used to. This means that potential clients who are torn between two equally respectable and qualified companies are more inclined to choose the greener company over the competitor.

As environmentally-conscious consumers flood the market, what changes can your company make to meet their demand? It’s important when you make changes to choose options that not only provide sustainability benefits, but also actively support your business’ profit margin. So how can you know what options are right for you? Telematic data can provide your company a starting point in determining which methods of greening are best for your business. GPS tracking units are designed to track speed, idling times, route optimization, and location—all great areas to examine for greening solutions. For example, by tracking speeds and idling times, you can see if your drivers need reinforcement training on gentle driving to lower your fleet’s CO2 emissions. With route optimization and vehicle location tracking, you can plan trips to be more time and gas efficient, as well as maximize amazing customer service by knowing exactly where your fleet is at all times. The tide of customer opinion is changing; be sure to change with it.

Government Support & Incentives

Not only are consumers backing greener companies, governments are as well. Government initiatives around the world are encouraging sustainability measures by offering tax discounts and other financial support to companies that choose environmentally-friendly practices. In the UK, a program called the ‘Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation’ requires companies to show that a percentage of the fuel they use comes from a renewable source. The UK government has backed companies in their switch from regular to sustainable fuel, providing financial assistance for this all-important crossover, an incentive which ultimately lowers business energy costs in the future.

Another common measure for conservation support are tax credits. For example, if you invest in a greener product, you may get some of that back in tax deductions! However, the majority of these credits are reserved for companies that adopt energy conservation technology, such as solar power or wind turbines. But if you decide to go green in one aspect of your business, say by adding hybrid or electric vehicles to your fleet, why shouldn’t you expand your sustainability practices to your company’s buildings and offices with energy-saving technologies? These changes would make your business even more marketable to the masses and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

No one knows what the future may hold, but nowadays you can make some educated guesses. Being flexible in your fleet business practices will prepare your company for a future in which sustainability is the ultimate goal.

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