In this age of cutthroat competition, a missed appointment can directly translate to lost business. If you are managing a service-based business, you are aware of the fact that customers aren’t so forgiving these days. That’s why you need an effective appointment manager at your disposal to make sure you never miss a service call. GPS Trackit’s new customer scheduling tool/calendar feature is the perfect solution for appointment-based businesses to keep their drivers on track and their customers happy.


Why do you need GPS Trackit’s scheduling tool?

As a business owner in a service-based industry, you know that scheduling is one of the most challenging, yet important tasks your dispatchers need to deal with on a daily basis. Managing your drivers or field staff on a whiteboard might sound like a pretty good idea. However, as soon as one thing goes wrong, it will take a dozen phone calls to get the schedule back on track. That probably equals to an hour lost doing unproductive work, right?  

However, with the help of an appointment scheduling tool/customer job calendar, you can see everything such as field staff’s availability, appointment status, etc., on a real-time basis. So, your dispatchers can pull up the data and assign jobs easily without the hassle of calling the drivers now and then.

A customer scheduling tool/appointment manager will help you move things around quickly and respond to service calls promptly. By managing the available resources more efficiently, you can make room for emergency service requests and reach out to a bigger pool of customers.  

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, failure on the part of a company to provide a service on time is one of the top two reasons for losing a customer.  So, how does it affect you?  Well, it means that if you don’t reach your customer on time, you risk losing repeat business. In light of the above facts, investing in an appointment manager/customer scheduling tool is more important than ever.


Features that make GPS Trackit’s customer Job Calendar a must for your business

A customer scheduling software can help you run your service-based business like well-oiled machinery. The attractive features of GPS Trackit’s newly introduced customer job calendar make it an indispensable tool for appointment-based businesses. These features include:  

1. Easy-to-use interactive calendar – With the help of the intuitive calendar feature, you can create, edit and change appointments easily. Your dispatchers will be able to schedule appointments on the calendar, assign jobs to drivers and also set appointment duration.  The user-friendly calendar feature will help you search and view driver appointment status whenever you want.

2. Efficient scheduling with the help of Rerouting options – The tool lets you visualize the proximity of the drivers to the job sites using GPS and maps. That way, you or your dispatchers can re-route your drivers based on the proximity. This feature will dramatically reduce downtime while keeping your customers happy.

3. Create customizable alerts and notification – With the help of GPS Trackit’s customer job calendar, you can create customizable alerts and notifications such as appointment-specific alerts, departure/arrival alerts, etc.  So, no matter how messy things get in the field, you will always stay in the know. Therefore, in the likelihood of an unfavorable situation, timely alerts will assist you in making informed decisions.

4. Easy click and drag scheduling – The easy-to-use click and drag scheduling feature make assigning workers to jobs a breeze. You can simply click and drag appointments to the available drivers and field staff to speed things up and avoid calls from angry customers.


Benefits of using scheduling software

Easy rerouting – Rerouting lets your dispatchers deal with unfavorable circumstances. So, whether your customer cancels an appointment or a driver doesn’t turn up, your dispatchers will be able to recover from these situations quickly by using the rerouting feature.

Easy and effective appointment scheduling – The calendar feature will enable you to create, edit and change appointments easily.

Customer retention – With the help of features like alerts, reminders, and easy rerouting, GPS Trackit’s scheduling software minimizes the chances of being late and missing scheduled appointments.

Adaptable – Flexible scheduling and rerouting features coupled with the ability to monitor the status of appointments will help you adapt to changing circumstances on the field.

GPS Trackit has rustled up plenty of innovative features to help you maximize your business efficiency while reducing downtime. So, don’t just rely on paperwork and phone calls. Start using the customer scheduling software and experience the difference!