GPS Trackit is setting a new standard for the Fleet Management industry with its 3G/CDMA upgrade promotion. This promotion makes it easy to stay connected all while garnering free hardware to ensure continuous and uninterrupted service.

As of the end of 2016 2G networks will be gone. Upgraded users with 3G/CDMA in place ensure seamless operation far into the the future, as well as preparing and opening the opportunity for new innovative services that are now being developed.

As the 2G network ending date is December 31st, 2016, some carriers are already ending 2G service in some major markets or territories. There is no telling currently where those territories or markets will be. So the presence of “no 2g” may very well impact users much sooner than later.

“We are truly excited to be able to offer free hardware to new clients who upgrade to 3G/CDMA”, says Kursti Nakagawa, GPS Trackit’s Marketing Manager. “We will be recycling all the 2G hardware that is traded in for the upgrade to help do our share for the environment,” Kursti continued.

As new clients trade in their previous 2G device from any provider, they will receive for each unit, a new GPS tracking device at no charge. GPS Trackit states there is no limit on quantity and that certain restrictions may apply.

Should a new client need additional GPS tracking features they will have the opportunity to upgrade to an advanced GPS device for $50, an eighty percent (80%) off each new device.

About GPS Trackit:
Established in 2002, GPS Trackit is dedicated to providing it’s clients the most innovative, cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking technology for business vehicles and assets accompanied by their world-class customer service.