Based on GPS Trackit being a leader in GPS tracking for fleets for over fifteen years they have authored a new guide entitled “The Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Selecting A GPS Tracking Solution.”

Temecula, CA – September 29, 2015 – The informative and educational guide gives the reader the five exact questions to ask as they are researching and looking to purchase a GPS tracking solution for their fleets.

“We saw a large gap in the information that was available to businesses looking for a GPS fleet tracking solution.” “So we sat down with our Sales Team and asked them what are the five most asked questions they get from businesses looking for a GPS tracking system.” Then we preceded to come up with what we think is a perfect guide for a business shopping for GPS tracking,” states Kursti Nakagawa, GPS Trackit’s Marketing Manager.

Nakagawa continues to add that, “This guide is for the greater good of when businesses are researching GPS tracking.” “We suggest that it be used with any solution provider they are researching.” “We recommend that a business looking for GPS tracking to research at least three providers then make their selection based on the answers to the questions in the guide.”

As an added benefit for businesses looking for GPS fleet tracking the guide includes five more inquiring questions to ask, bringing the total number of probing questions to ten. A business armed with these ten questions can feel confident that they will find the right and cost-effective GPS tracking system for them that will return the quickest and most profitable ROI possible.

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