Monitor Your Fleet’s Health With Vehicle Diagnostics

A service business’s fleet of vehicles is one of it’s biggest assets. GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager already provides a Vehicle Maintenance system for scheduling regular, recurring maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to help extend the life of vehicles and uphold their resale value.

Now GPSTrackIt introduces Vehicle Diagnostics to get the information needed about a fleet’s health in real-time. The same information used by professional mechanics to identify why a check engine light is on is now available to you through GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager dashboard.

Since 1996, vehicles sold in the United States have been equipped with an On Board Diagnostics (OBDII) port. Mechanics plug a hand held computer into the port to ‘read’ the codes produced by the on-board computer. GPSTrackIt now offers you two ways to gain the benefits of vehicle diagnostics – with their new CP3000V plug and play device or the L2000V adapter cable.

The vehicle diagnostic codes received are used to determine the health of the various systems (ABS, Airbags, etc.) throughout the entire vehicle. In addition to the engine codes themselves, the system reports on a variety of indicators and parameters related to the codes.

A key feature is that this engine diagnostic data can be used to trigger SMS text  or email alerts,” said Eddie Bermudez, GPSTrackIt’s Product Development Manager. “These alerts would be sent to designated personnel. Being able to identify problems early helps reduce and often times eliminate costly repairs.


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