Temecula, CA  December 16th, 2013 – The year 2013 was a ‘landmark’ year for GPS Trackit, a longtime leader in GPS tracking and fleet management solutions.

The company released almost a dozen new products and services.  The releases run the gamut, from hardware to software, and include several first-to-market alerts to monitor driving behaviors.

Mobility Capabilities for Managers, Dispatchers and Drivers

iPad AppIn January, GPS Trackit released its iPad App.  Available for download from the App Store, it brought the company’s Fleet Manager© application to this new mobile platform. It joins the apps for iPhones and Androids to round out the suite of mobile workforce management tools for dispatchers and managers.

“In March we released the Driver© tablet site for iPads and Android devices,” said Eddie Bermudez, GPS Trackit’s Product Manager.  “Driver provides access to Fleet Manager for drivers in the field, enabling them to receive stops, optimize routes, and to communicate with dispatchers and managers via free text or user-defined forms.  Driver also enables the use of the audible ‘turn-by-turn navigation available through web browsers and navigation systems.”

Driver Safety Takes First Place

GPS Trackit also released the revolutionary Driver Safety Alerts.  These alerts enable dispatchers and fleet managers to monitor rapid acceleration, hard braking, sudden stops, and seat belt use.  Alerts can be sent via email or SMS text messages.

“If there was one topic that stood out above all others in fleet management during the past year, driver safety was it,” commented Bermudez.  “GPS Trackit delivered.”

Route Optimization and Tracking Offer Big Fuel Savings

GPSTrackIt.com/ - Route Optimization through the Inland Empire.In April, GPS Trackit released Route Optimization and Route to Vehicle Trail Comparisons.  These work independently, enabling a dispatcher to utilize navigation algorithms to, with the click of a button, rearrange the stops on a route to create the most efficient route.

Route Optimization can save fleets thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs and improve scheduling efficiency.

In addition, Route to Vehicle Trail Comparison enables the dispatcher to view a driver’s route and then superimpose on it the actual vehicle trail driven.

“Any deviation from the assigned route is clearly indicated on the map,” said Bermudez.  “These tools are a powerful combination for fleet managers and dispatchers.”

Driver Key-Fob Tracking Improves Accountability

In May, GPS Trackit released the Driver Key-Fob.  The key-fob, which attaches to the driver’s keyring, uses an electronic code to identify the driver to the Fleet Manager system.  Key-Fobs are used to ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ of vehicles and can also provide a way to keep track of which drivers are using which vehicles.

Analytics Dashboard Enhances Reporting

In August, the company announced the new Analytics Dashboard.  The dashboard provides dispatchers and fleet managers with six customizable charts or graphs, monitoring fleet performance like Idle Time, Drive Time, Stop Time, Speeding, and Mileage.  Options are available for Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.

Satellite Tracking Goes Global

November was a particularly busy month.  The T5000 GPS-Satellite tracking device was introduced, providing coverage to over 80% of the globe, on land and on the sea.  Following the release of the device, GPS Trackit introduced a new feature to extend the alert capabilities of the system.

Driver Safety Instant Alert DeviceDriver Status uses a small device consisting of a single button that also attaches to a keyring,” added Bermudez.  “Should a worker in the field determine they are in trouble through accident or injury, the device communicates with the tracking device on the vehicle and, in turn, to Fleet Manager.  The system sends an alert to the configured contacts.”

Safety First Goes Super High Tech

GPS Trackit also released two additional alerts related to driver safety, the Continuous Drive Time and Total Drive Time Alerts.  As Congress, the DOT, and the FMCSA debated the issues related to Hours of Service, GPS Trackit developed configurable alerts that monitor how much time drivers are spending behind the wheel.

And finally, in November, GPS Trackit rounded out the driving behaviors suite of alerts and reports by adding a Hard Turn Alert.

“Using the accelerometer and gyroscope technologies built into GPS tracking devices, our engineers developed an algorithm to monitor and alert fleet dispatchers and managers when a driver is turning too abruptly.  This is another driving behavior that can indicate driver distraction or aggressive driving.”

2014 Promises Continuing Leadership from GPS Trackit

What do Bermudez and GPS Trackit have in store for 2014?

“Our wish for 2014 is for the roads to be safer, our customers more successful, and for our company to continue to provide the best products and services in the industry.”

For more information about GPS Trackit, new product features, and the Fleet Manager© vehicle tracking system, visit GPS Trackit.

About GPS Trackit

Established in 1999, GPS Trackit is a leading North American developer and supplier of GPS tracking and location-based services.  Located in Southern California, GPS Trackit is dedicated to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge GPS technology backed by the best customer service in the industry today.