New products to support field services are extending the company’s fleet management offerings. Apps include navigation and communication tools for use on Android devices.

WebTemecula, CA  August 4th, 2015 –  Two new products coming soon from GPS Trackit offer users of their Fleet Manager vehicle tracking, fleet and workforce management system new tools for navigating, routing, and communication.

Field Service Manager™ provides access to Fleet Manager’s route planning and navigation system. New stops can be pushed out to the tablets from dispatch. It enables drivers to add stops to their route on the fly. Push notifications also alert the driver to incoming messages, regardless of which page in the app they are currently viewing.

GPS Trackit Forms™ takes the communications component of the FSM to a new level. This tool provides the ability to quickly create forms to capture everything from text to photographs to signatures.

Basic RGB“The new forms tool is really powerful,” said Eddie Bermudez, GPS Trackit’s Product Development Manager. “Part of it’s power is the ease of use. The different field types are created by clicking a button and adding a field label. It’s that easy.”

GPS Trackit Forms provides unlimited forms. Form data can be captured offline and updated later. The tool provides 24 preset field types, including text, video and a document viewer.

“The forms aren’t just dumb collectors, either,” added Bermudez. “There’s a rules engine that facilitates skip logic and branching. And the forms can have embedded formulas and perform advanced calculations, including formula-based form scoring.”

The form tool can also export data to Excel, PDF, CSV, and JSON formats.

Bermudez concluded:

“These two tools combined provide drivers and the back office with an amazing array of opportunities to collect data about their customers, as well as their own customer service.”

About GPS Trackit:
Established in 2002, GPS Trackit has been a leading North American supplier of GPS tracking and fleet and mobile workforce management services for over 17 years. GPS Trackit is dedicated to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge GPS technology backed by the best customer service in the industry today.