At our protocol and procedures of testing, along with our software engineers and product development teams “ahead of the curve” thinking is what prevents anything like the following account of a GPS tracking mishap to happen with our GPS tracking solution.

Earlier this month, officers responded to a call regarding a stolen gray Dodge Ram 3500. The alert was issued by a vehicle recovery system company based in the mid west. GPS tracking was activated to follow the Dodge, but a still-unidentified mix-up resulted in the system tracking a white Ford that was also owned by the same company as the Dodge.

As the Ford headed south on Highway 101, a number of law enforcement agency joined in the search, following updates from the GPS vehicle tracking firm based on the erroneous vehicles’ GPS coordinates. Patrol deputies and officers lined the highway while helicopters assisted from above.

Several deputies eventually zeroed in on a white Ford truck near Hearn Avenue in Santa Rosa. They stopped all southbound traffic to perform a “high-risk felony stop”, a procedure that’s followed with vehicles whose occupants pose a high risk. The driver was held at gunpoint until it was determined that the vehicle was not stolen, at which point he was sent on his way.

At around the same time, police and Highway Patrol officers stopped a gray Dodge 3500 truck at the Lakeville Highway exit in Petaluma. Once again, the driver was quickly eliminated from suspicion. Another group of Highway Patrol officers later stopped the original white Ford truck again at a gas station south of Petaluma. According to Officer Marcus Hawkins, they tried to determine why they were being told that the vehicle had been stolen.

Ultimately, California Highway Patrol contacted the company that owned the two trucks, at which point they were informed that they had in fact been tracking the wrong vehicles. At this time there’s no word as to the actual status of the gray Dodge.

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