Is there anything worse than ordering a pizza and waiting helplessly for its arrival as you grow hungrier by the minute? Pizza delivery giant Domino’s is giving customers a way to follow an order’s path using GPS tracking.

Domino’s has always taken pride in offering speedy delivery service, at one point offering a 30-minutes-or-free guarantee. A number of driver-related accidents led the public to the perception that the company was sacrificing safety for profits. In 1993, then-owner Tom Monaghan discontinued the policy after Domino’s lost a $79 million court judgment in favor of a woman who had been struck by one of their delivery cars.

GPS tracking was actually instituted as a way for Domino’s to improve and promote the safety practices of their delivery drivers. Don Meij, CEO of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd. in Australia, used his early experiences as a delivery driver to develop the idea.

All delivery cars at the Australia stores have been equipped with GPS tracking devices allowing management to monitor behavior such as speeding and frequent stop-starts. Drivers using their own cars have a device embedded in the car topper, and even bikes and scooters have the technology hard-wired in the frames. According to Meij, the company has seen a 50 percent reduction in driver incidents with the program.

It occurred to Meij that the GPS tracking could also be used to improve the customer experience. Domino’s already had its Pizza Tracker system, where customers could follow the progress of their order online from the time it arrived at the store until the time it went out for delivery.

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