As technology evolves to improve our everyday lives, it also has a significant impact on our economy. The term “Silicon Valley” that once referred to a specific geographical area has expanded to encompass the broad spectrum of the high-tech sector. Thanks to the popularity of GPS tracking and other devices, geologic information systems (GIS) is the latest red-hot career field at universities.

gps trackingNearly every industry, from mobile app developing to advertising, makes use of GIS either directly or indirectly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting that thousands of GIS-related jobs will open up in the next five years.

Whether you’re just entering the job market or considering a career change, GIS can be a lucrative and satisfying choice. The answers to the following questions will help you decide whether the GIS industry is for you.

Do you embrace change?

Relatively speaking, GIS is still in its infancy. New developments occur quickly, making this industry fluid and ever-changing. If you like the idea of being in on the ground floor, this is the ideal time.

Do you enjoy learning? 

Obviously, GIS involves gaining a great deal of technical knowledge. It also teaches critical-thinking skills that serve you well in all areas of life. Dealing with what-if scenarios and possible outcomes opens your window to the rest of the world.

Do you like getting out of the office?

While many high-tech jobs can be performed at a desk, GIS relies on gathering data from out in the field. Your “office” could be in a different place each day.

Do you want to make a difference in the community and the world?

GIS is a green technology in the tangible sense of eliminating maps, atlases and other items that consume resources. It’s eco-friendly in a greater global sense because it empowers people to make knowledgeable decisions about major issues such as healthcare, wildlife and renewable resources.

Do you enjoy charting your own path?

Examine your current or desired workplace for GIS-related opportunities. Make a proposal to management about creating a position to fill one of those niches.

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