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Police Use GPS Tracker to Apprehend Robbery Suspects

Since January of this year there has been a string of 18 armed robberies of pharmacies in the Philadelphia area.  Police believed the same two men were responsible.  They took cash and medications like OxyContin, Percocet, and Xanax.

One local CVS pharmacy took action.  In cooperation with local police and the ATF, they placed a small GPS device inside a vial of medication.  When they were robbed, police tracked the vial, and the suspected robbers, to a house where authorities found cash, weapons, and a cache of prescription pain killers and anti-anxiety medications.

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Wonka’s Golden Ticket:  Nestle Places GPS Device In Candy For Promotional Campaign

No Oompa Loompas this time.  The lucky people who unwrap the six prizes will find, not golden tickets, but electronic devices the size and weight of the Kit Kat they were expecting – along with some instructions for activating it.  The devices are custom-made GPS trackers the marketing folks at Nestle have hidden inside the wrappers.  The “We Will Find You” campaign is targeted at the UK and Ireland.

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Residents of Baltimore County Town Relieved After GPS Error Corrected

An article in the Baltimore Sun describes problems that arose from a GPS Navigation system error that confused two Beechwood Roads and directed trucks to the wrong one.  This, in turn, led the trucks into a neighborhood with narrow streets and small yards.  In some cases, the trucks ended up in those small yards trying to turn around.

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GPS Technology Continues to Improve

The proliferation of devices that make use of GPS data has placed an increasing demand on computer scientists to improve the performance of those devices.  Improvement can come from faster processors to crunch all that data or faster networks for delivering the information across large distances.  GPS involves ‘Big Data’.  The third way to improve GPS performance is to ‘shrink’ the data.  Engineers have found a new way to compress navigation data ‘on the fly’.

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