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IdleBox Toolkit for Idle-Reduction Projects

IdleBox is a toolkit of print products, templates, presentations, and information resources to assist with idle-reduction projects for fleets with light- and medium-duty vehicles. Some materials are available in two versions: ready-to-use print products and customizable templates.

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Fleet Idle Reduction Initiatives

Mike Beauchamp, Manager of Tractor Engineering for Schneider National, made this presentation for the Clean Cities Coordinator Web Cast.  The presentation addresses methods Scheider used to reduce their engine idle time to  1/3 of the industry average.

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Idling reduction

It’s probably no secret to fleet managers that idle time can significantly affect a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In “Secrets of Better Fuel Economy,” a white paper offered by Cummins, the engine manufacturer explains just how detrimental unnecessary engine idling can be to the bottom line.