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GPS Tracking and Secret Policies

This week brought fresh revelations about the National Security Agency’s sloppy and invasive collection of phone data on Americans and others, as reported first by The Washington Post. In another realm of surveillance — the government’s broad use of location tracking devices — the Justice Department was in federal court on Thursday defending its refusal to release memos containing information about its policies governing the use of GPS and other potentially invasive technologies.

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N.J. Man in Jam, After Illegal GPS Device Interferes With Newark Liberty Operations

Gary Bojczak didn’t want his boss tracking him; instead he got federal agents.  The New Jersey man wanted to hide his movements from his boss. He ended up interfering with operations at a busy airport instead.  Now he’s facing a massive fine.

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States Not Waiting for Congress on GPS Tracking Laws

When Maine enacted legislation last week banning law enforcement officials from tracking individuals using cellphones or other GPS-enabled devices, it became the second state to do so after Montana. A similar effort failed in the Texas Legislature, but there is little doubt that other states will also act if Congress fails to update the statutes that govern access to digital communications.

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