Does it seem as though GPS tracking has become seamlessly integrated in areas of your business or lifestyle that you never thought possible? Yes? In recent times we’ve seen GPS devices used to track wandering wildlife, stray luggage, and even college football players.


As we enter another new year, you want to make sure your annual resolutions come to fruition. What goals would you set if you could have the benefit of GPS technology as support?

Wouldn’t it be great to see GPS tracking be able to guide you to achieve your resolutions…

  • Start with the resolutions themselves. You begin the year full of good intentions and a shiny new list, don’t let them drift off into the “Land of Broken Resolutions.” GPS tracking lets you keep a close eye on each goal so you can yank them back before they slip away.
  • It’s no surprise that weight loss is the top resolution found on most people’s lists, and therefore the one most frequently broken. You may believe that you’re eating right, but a simple GPS tracking report can find all those “hidden” calories, like the ones in the food you eat straight out of the refrigerator, when it doesn’t “count.”
  • You know you need to save money to fund your 401(K) and put aside for a rainy day, but somehow you can’t get your paycheck to stretch. Use GPS tracking to corral those wayward dollars and cents that seem to vanish right before your eyes.
  • Undue stress is the cause of numerous negative effects, both mental and physical. Cut back on your stress load by letting GPS tracking baby-sit important issues while you take some periodic R&R time.
  • Time is the most precious yet elusive commodity we have. If you have made a resolution to spend more time with family and loved ones, GPS devices will help coordinate your schedules and prevent you from “losing touch.”

Of all the things you want to track this year, our state-of-the-art GPS tracking fleet management programs make it easier to attain your company’s “expense cutting goals” for the New Year NOW. Visit our website to learn more about GPS Trackit and discover why our GPS tracking solutions should be #1 on your list of resolutions.