These days food trucks have become something much greater than a dingy old truck off the side of the road.

Today Food Trucks are Gourmet Destinations for Tourists, Locals, and Perfect for the Professional on a Lunch Break

Some of the best gourmet food trucks in the United States right now include:

  • Kogi, serving Korean Mexican fusion to Los Angeles.
  • Lardo, a deli style truck based out of Portland, known for working exclusively with local farmers.
  • Clover Food Lab, serving vegetarian dishes in Cambridge, that even devout meat eaters die for.
  • Schnitzel & Things, dominating the New York City food truck scene (considered one of the best out of roughly 50 gourmet food trucks) serving Austrian style foods.
  • Torched Goodness, dishing out delectable crème brûleé through out Phoenix.
  • Viking Soul Food, cooking up some seriously tasty Norwegian cuisine for Portland.
  • Taceaux Loceaux, known for serving late night “Nola-Mex” (traditional New Orleans cuisine and Mexican fusion) tacos to The Big Easy.
  • Streetza, baking innovative pizzas through out Milwaukee.
  • The Grilled Cheese Truck, slapping together some amazingly rich and yummy grilled cheese in Los Angeles.
  • Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, serving healthy and delightful dumplings to New York City.

Those are only a few of the oh so many marvelous and appetizing trucks all over the U.S. Many cities will have entire parking lots filled with a variety of food trucks every day of the week whipping up great meals for the people.

One of the perks of gourmet food trucks is that the food is high quality for affordable prices. There’s nothing like paying a low price for a good meal, then finding a comfortable spot, may it be a park bench or a curb side, to enjoy it.

The food truck industry has grown significantly, as GPS tracking has evolved to become a normal part of everyday life.

Before GPS tracking individuals would need to know where their favorite food truck would be any given day to go enjoy it. Now GPS has provided a highly convenient way for customers to find their favorite trucks.

People Can Find New Trucks, Track Favorites, or Follow Trucks En Route With Sites Like:

shutterstock_136913822These sites also provide apps for smartphones, so one can track food trucks on the go.

Food truck businesses choosing GPS for fleets has helped increase revenue significantly.

Other than GPS tracking being convenient for customers, GPS provides a way for managers, and owners to supervise the whereabouts of any given truck.

If a food truck breaks down, has an accident, or is headed in the opposite direction of a stop site, a manager will know immediately. Software is available with the GPS Tracking that provides a safe way for fleet managers to contact drivers while on the road.

GPS is also a great way for food truck managers to protect the businesses assets. For example, if the unfortunate event of a truck being vandalized or burglarized at night, the manager would be notified right away vs. finding out in the morning.

Beyond the fast paced task of making dishes per order in a little truck, the truck driver first needs to get to the designated location, and find business there. Sometimes if people don’t know where a truck is, and the truck happens to be at a location with a low amount of foot traffic, there wont be much earnings for the day.

Generally speaking, GPS is working with almost all businesses as the future becomes “now”. Every business evolves with the technology age, and gourmet food trucks are some of the most prosperous thus far.

Eating at a food truck has never been easier, now that GPS is involved. Check out some great food trucks for the next family outing, lunch meeting, or day off.